How to Find Freelance Writing Clients and Land the Best Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

How to get freelance writing clients is one of the hottest topics for those in the copywriting industry. At AWAI we hear questions like:

  • “I know how to write, but I have no idea how to get people to hire me. Where do I find my first clients?”
  • “I have no experience and only the writing samples I did for my AWAI exercises. What do I do when a potential client asks to see my portfolio?”
  • “How do I set myself apart from all those new copywriters competing with me for assignments?

Below you’ll find a list of useful tools and resources from AWAI, along with proven tips for getting great clients and ensuring a steady stream of paid freelance writing jobs.

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In “How to Get Started as a Well-Paid Writer,” Katie Yeakle, Rebecca Matter and Six-Figure Copywriter and Business Building Coach, Joshua Boswell walk you through the steps you need to take attract clients, find copywriting jobs and become a well-paid writer.

Looking for an assignment? Check out

This is AWAI’s Job Board, connecting copywriters and designers with the marketers who need them. AWAI-trained writers and designers can search listings of current direct-response projects available and offer their own services. Marketers, in turn, can rely on this readily available forum to locate well-trained, highly skilled copywriters and graphic designers. It’s hands down your best resource for finding full-time and freelance writing and design opportunities.

A Roadmap to Quickly Landing Your First Client

There’s a “shortcut” to living the copywriter’s lifestyle. A shortcut that can leapfrog you years ahead of the competition. This is a hands-on “how-to” straight from the source – successful, working freelance copywriters who started out right where you are now. You’ll learn exactly what they did to win their first clients.

7 Ways to Find and Connect with Prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is, by far, one of the most useful tools for obtaining clients. And while this free article is specifically about getting B2B (business-to-business) clients, the steps are the same for any industry or specialty. That’s because LinkedIn is tops for connecting with business professionals. Find out how to make the most of it for getting clients.

Land Your First Freelance Writing Clients Within Days Instead of Months

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding your first paid writing assignment. It’s based on the experiences of thousands of successful AWAI members, and every page of Getting Your First Client is dedicated to one goal: Helping you get clients — FAST.

5 Ways to Add New Web-Writing Clients to Your Roster

Master Web copywriter Nick Usborne explains why it’s a very good time to be a web writer, how to capitalize on the opportunity, and land your dream clients. Check out the five strategies he counts as his favorites.

Turn Prospects into Clients with the List-Kickstarter Matrix

At times, it can feel as if everyone's a prospect. And even when you've decided to focus on the corporate market, that still leaves you with millions of potential companies you could contact.

So where do you start? Ed Gandia shows you an extremely powerful prioritization tool that will save you countless hours of wasted effort and dramatically increase your chances of getting quick wins.

Can You Really Make Six Figures As a Copywriter?

Absolutely! Five years ago, Paul Hollingshead tossed out his old life. He went from making $6.50 an hour to making $400,000 a year working part-time from anywhere he wants. Read his story …

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