Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
The 10 BEST Digital Copywriting Opportunities for Writers Today

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There’s no better place to become a well-paid writer, with ample clients and projects to keep you busy, than on the web.

Not only have opportunities for digital copywriters grown enormously over the last decade … but they’ve exploded in the last two years.

Companies all over the globe are scrambling to reach buyers online – and they need writers like you to help them do it.

With so many choices in clients, niches, and project types – where’s the best place to start?

Tune in for our latest Inside AWAI session, The 10 BEST Digital Copywriting Opportunities for Writers Today, as digital copywriting experts Nick Usborne and Heather Robson share why now is the best time in history to become a well-paid writer …

And reveal the best path into this enormous opportunity — including the 10 best digital copywriting projects to start with, and specific tips for getting started and maximizing your income.

You’ll learn …

  • What “digital copywriting” is, and why it’s such a massive opportunity to make a great income as a writer …
  • The sheer enormity of demand for digital copywriters — and why it’s growing SO fast …
  • The 10 best projects to start with today … and how much you can expect to charge for them …
  • Where to find your first clients …
  • 3 key steps to getting started …
  • How to maximize your income once you do …

And more!

They also took questions from listeners about these opportunities.

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