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Writing for Good: How to Thrive as a Freelance Writer for Nonprofits and Causes

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Interested in writing for nonprofits and worthy causes?

If so, don’t miss this Inside AWAI session, Writing for Good: How to Thrive as a Freelance Writer for Nonprofits and Causes. You’ll discover your many opportunities to make a great living AND make a massive difference writing for organizations you believe in — such as the environment, child safety, animal welfare, world health, equality, or other issues.

AWAI Learning Chief Pam Foster talks with three special guests who work in the “Writing for Good” world. Find out how rewarding it can be to write for various passion projects that support …

  • Nonprofit Orgs/Charities that rely heavily on donors for services, outreach, education, national/global initiatives
  • Industry/Trade Associations that rely heavily on sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors for professional events, conferences, journal/magazine, blog, podcast, summits, and more
  • Marketing Agencies that specialize in nonprofit/association communication needs
  • For-profit companies promoting causes they support (this is known as cause marketing)

As always, we included tips on how to break into this freelance writing specialty, and made time to answer questions from listeners.

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