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Productivity Tips for Copywriting Success

More productive copywriters make more money and experience faster copywriting success.

Copywriting Jobs in Paradise

Tony Boatright is living the writer’s life abroad … and having no problem finding copywriting jobs.

Join the Club That Helps You Land B2B Copywriting Jobs

B2B is one of the most lucrative freelance niches, with plenty of copywriting jobs available.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Don Hauptman

Advice from top direct-response copywriter, Don Hauptman.

For Love AND Money – The Ultimate Writing Gig

Find out how you can write about you love AND make some additional income while doing so - with copywriting legend Bob Bly. Get more information about his exciting new program, and sign up today for a $200 discount!

Networking Opportunity: No Velvet Rope to Hold You Back

Where some business events may keep presenters separated from attendees, there’s one event where there’s no limit to the networking opportunities.

“America’s Top Copywriter” Teaches You How to Make Money … While You Sleep

Imagine ... making money in your sleep?! Find out how you can learn to generate a second income - from "America's Top Copywriter" himself, Bob Bly. Get all the details on his new program, and sign up today for a $200 discount.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Charmin Sterbenz

Charmin Sterbenz gives the inside scoop on what marketers really want in a writer.

Introducing the Ultimate “Insurance Policy” for Freelance Copywriters

You're likely enjoying some great perks as a freelancer. But sometimes the fear of a "dry spell" is a concern. Find out how you can protect yourself with information publishing and Bob Bly's newest program.

The Ultimate Part-Time Copywriting Job

Work just a few hours a week in this copywriting job and you can make six-figures per year. No clients needed.

How She Gets Her Pick of Copywriting Jobs

As a freelancer, you’re a business owner. And that levels the playing field with potential clients when seeking copywriting jobs.

Chickpeas Before Dawn … ? Master Humorist and Storyteller Michael Katz Shares his Favorite Money-Making Secret

Writing B2B emails is one of the most rewarding opportunities in copywriting success. Find out more from the E-newsletter expert himself, Michael Katz ... and save $200 when you sign up by midnight tonight.

A High Pay Copywriting Job Writing Newsletters

With a retainer contract in hand for a copywriting job she enjoys, this copywriter is getting steady pay and enjoying her freelance life.

“How Do I Know Your Copywriting Really Works?”

Every feel like you need to prove yourself as a copywriter? Our in-house copywriter Tim Matassa joined an Inside AWAI call where four common "working with clients" scenarios were role-played. Check out his advice on approaching clients with confidence and getting more projects.

Become a Warmly Greeted Guest in Your Reader’s “Home”

Imagine your clients' inboxes are their homes ... and the emails they receive there are their guests! Learn how to write email newsletters that will get your clients to invite you in AND stay for awhile. Get more details on AWAI's Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms - and sign up today for a $200 discount!

Start Earning Money “Three Times Faster”

When it comes to getting clients and making money, some writers get off to a "slow start" ... but you don't have to worry about any slow times - add writing emails to your services and start making money three times faster. Read here for more details and get started today!

Earn Up to $250 for Copywriting Jobs with These Email Templates

You don’t have to start from scratch when writing emails for clients. These templates let you leverage success in your own copywriting jobs.

The E-newsletter Niche Offers Highly Paid Copywriting Jobs

Short, easy projects that pay well … with many copywriting jobs up for grabs.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Mary Jaksch

Hugely successful blogger Mary Jaksch shows you how to launch a fulfilling writer’s life.

With This Secret Formula, “Hit The Jackpot” Every Time … Without Playing The Lottery

Making six-figures doesn't have to be a dream ... in fact, you don't even have to play the lottery! Get this secret for copywriting success and earn a six-figure income every year. And save $300 when you sign up for Jay White's Email Copy Made Easy by April 17th - read here for more details.

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