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Live: The Barefoot Writer October Issue

Mindy explains what your self censor button is and how you can pause it so you can focus on fun and creativity.

This A-List Copywriter Writes World-Class Control-Busting Promotions In One Week! Now You Can Learn To Do It Too

This A-List copywriter takes you step by step how to write world-class control-busting promotions in just one week!

Strange New Writing Service is Taking the Business World by Storm

This unheard of new writing service can put you in high demand. Casey Demchak is sharing his field-tested strategies, tools and insights in a one-of-a-kind training program guaranteed to turn any writer – even complete beginners – into coveted masters of this lucrative writing form

One of the Fastest Ways to Get a “Yes,You’re Hired!” From New Clients…

This writing project is one of the fastest ways to get a “yes, you’re hired” from a new client. And the best part… it can bring you in six figures with just 3 of these projects a month.

New Perk for Writing Club Members Shows a Clear Path to More Money

If you’re new to the world of well-paid writing — or you simply want to be more successful at it — now you can follow a step-by-step tutorial that shows you the way. As a member of The Barefoot Writer Club, you now have access to a bonus called The AWAI Method for Making a Great Living as a Writer.

Study Shows Freelance Writers Sacrificing Too Many Billable Hours for Non-Billable Tasks

This Alliance is full of resources that will help you run your freelance writing business more efficiently. The key for full- and part-timers alike is to minimize the amount of time you spend on non-billable tasks and maximize your billable hours

Check Out the Growing List of Companies Coming to Job Fair to Meet AWAI-Trained Writers

Here’s a look at the growing list of companies coming to AWAI’s 2018 Job Fair to meet you!

Job Fair 2018 Is Now Open!

The Agora Companies have a long history of hiring AWAI-trained writers — and they’ll be widely represented at this year’s Job Fair.

Bootcamp Can Be the “Kick-Start” Your Copywriting Career Needs… It Was for These AWAI Members

Many new copywriters accelerate their success and find copywriting career success by attending Bootcamp

Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Online Ad Writing Contest

From 600 submissions, the three winners of the $200 prize from our online ad writing contest in The Writer’s Life have been chosen by Nick Usborne.

The Top Copywriters in the World Are Coming to Your House This October

Bootcamp is sold out. So if you don’t have your ticket already, the virtual version is the only way to take part.

Companies Are Searching for “Google-Savvy” Copywriters

Demand is high and growing for copywriters who know search engine optimization.

Adding This Service Leads to More High-Paying Clients and Projects for These AWAI Members

SEO is one the main ways companies market online. And copywriters who have that skill have their pick of projects.

Without This, Your Clients Are Invisible… And So Is The Copy You Write For Them!

The “pioneer of SEO copywriting,” Heather Lloyd-Martin has put everything you need to launch your career as an SEO copywriter in to her SEO Copywriting Success program.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Bootcamp 2018 will be Streamed LIVE Online — and Available To You at Home!

Bootcamp 2018 will be livestreamed. So, if you weren’t able to get into Bootcamp before it sold out, now is your chance to join us live, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and internet

The Skill that can Jump Start your Writers Life

Today Jen Stevens works for herself, but she didn’t always get paid to live in the Colorado Rockies and earn six-figures from an office with a mountain view. You too can live this life with more control, more flexibility, and more independence. Jen is here to tell you how

Here’s Why Investing in Copywriters is Worth Every Penny

The research has already proven that SEO is here to stay and here's why investing in copywriters is worth every penny.

Breakthrough Results Lead to Copywriting Success

How did Joshua Vickery achieve copywriting success? He created copy that lead to huge results for his client.

This AWAI Member Enjoys a Thriving Career in the B2B Niche and as a Ghostwriter

After going through the Crash Course in B2B Content, Holly Helscher has landed a steady stream of high paying copywriting clients.

Are You Wasting Time and Energy on the Wrong Advice?

Gordon’s pored over his 34 years of knowledge, experience, and expertise to help writers like you find exactly what you need when you need it. He can teach you everything you need to write great quality content for your clients.

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