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How to Take Advantage of the Top Opportunities Available to B2B Copywriters in 2018

There’s never been a better time for copywriters to start working in the B2B niche.

“Divine Intervention” Helps AWAI Member Land Her First Client

Eileen Reynolds has leveraged work experience and writing skills to land a B2B project for a major client.

Enrollment Closing for AWAI’s LIVE Virtual Business Building Intensive

Enrollment for AWAI’s LIVE Virtual Business Building Intensive is closing tonight. If you’re serious about turning your writing skills into a profitable business in under 30 days, now is your time.

Limited Time: Test Drive The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting for $29

Test drive the program that hundreds of writers have used as a springboard to more money and more freedom. But act fast, because this test drive is only available for a limited time.

AWAI Member Excited to Land First Client — Her First Step on the Road to Copywriter Success

On her first step to copywriting success, AWAI member Cherise says these programs helped her land her first client.

Landing copywriting jobs with proven tactics

As a copywriter you have to put yourself “out there” to land copywriting jobs.

Member Lands Contract Copywriting Job

Less than a week after finishing the Virtual Business Building Intensive, Cathy Catlin had landed her first copywriting job. And she’s been working with that client ever since.

Every Business Has This Gaping Hole … and Only People with This Skill Can Fill It

Unless a business owner has spent the last 20 years with their head in the sand, they know to get ahead in business they need great content and copy. The problem is, many of them are too busy working on their business to write what they need and they can’t keep up with marketing trends and changes. Luckily there’s a simple solution to solve their problem.

I Thought I’d Never be Free from the 9-5. Now I Work from Home … On My Own Terms

Working from home on your own terms is possible. Check out the exact steps I took to becoming a freelance copywriter.

Get Your Freelance Business Up and Running in Under 30 Days

Rebecca Matter and a team of experts want to help you get your complete freelance business up and running to attract new clients and paying projects in under 30 days.

Advice for Earning All 8 AWAI Verified Badges – From Someone Who Just Did It

What’s the key to becoming certified in the eight top copywriting skills? This writer has the answers.

A Foot in the Door with a Major Publisher Leads to More Copywriting Jobs

This copywriter is using her skills and contacts to work on high profile copywriting jobs.

AWAI’s Badges Program Helps Member Achieve His Unique Version of Copywriter Success

This copywriter is using his skills to draw prospects to his Christian-focused info marketing business. Now that’s the beginning of copywriter success.

Make Your Clients Think You’re a Technical Wizard (Even If You Barely Know How to Turn on Your Computer) …

Search Engine Optimization is a skill every copywriter should have. You can become verified in SEO copywriting with AWAI's "Badges" AND start making more money on your web copywriting projects. Get all the details and sign up today!

Mastering This “Balancing Act” Could Earn You Up to $7,000 Per Project

Sales Funnels are just one of the projects you can become verified in - with AWAI's "Badges". Get all the details on how you can increase your fees as a professional writer - and sign up today!

Unleash Your Creative Side as Video “Director” …

Some copywriting projects rely on tried and true formulas ... but video scripts requires more creativity ... allowing you to control the imagery and use your imagination. Find out how you can become verified in writing video scripts - and sign up for AWAI's "Badges" today!

Massive Opportunity for Writers: How You Can Make a Very Nice Living Writing Everything but the Sales Letter

No more struggling to make money as a copywriter if you don’t know how to write a sales letter yet. Copywriters can now make a very nice living writing smaller and easier to learn copy elements. The best part … they pay very well!

Get Hands-on Training in the Hottest — and Highest Paying — Niches in Web Writing

With this unique training program, you can get training in the projects online marketers are willing to pay top dollar for.

9-Step Blueprint for Becoming a Well-Paid Copywriter — Free Webinar and Q&A

Wondering how to become a well-paid copywriter? Join AWAI’s Katie Yeakle, Rebecca Matter, and Pam Foster for this FREE webinar about 9 steps to becoming a well-paid copywriter.

Locowise Announces the Top Viral Ads of 2018 (Here’s How Writers are Making Big Money Off These “Viral” Trends)

Demand continues to grow for writers who specialize in social media. Learn how to master the copywriting skills that can bring in social media clients.

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