February 2019

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Circle of Success Propelled the Freelance Careers of These Copywriters

Circle of Success offers the comprehensive training and resources that can make the difference in your copywriting career.

How to Raise Your Setpoint to Increase Your Income

Do you know your income setpoint? Once you figure out what it is, you can work to raise your setpoint, which can be critical to earning what you want.

How to Get Writing Samples When You’re Just Starting Out

You don’t need experience to get hired as a well-paid professional writer… Here’s how to show prospects what you can do, even when you don’t have samples.

Financial Copywriter Lands Dream Job, Complete With Masters-Level Mentoring

As a financial copywriter there’s no better place to be than working for Agora. Christian Nix has reached that goal.

The Journey to Copywriting Success is More Fun When the Way is Clear

Finding your way to copywriting success is so much easier when you follow a path that’s already there. Try this one, forged by hundreds of members.

An Abundance of Well-Paid Writing Opportunities

There’s an abundance of choice for writers in search of paid opportunities… which can create Shiny Objective Syndrome. Here’s how to navigate the options.

The Queen of Controls Shares 4 Proven Formulas for Writing Attention-Getting Headlines

Use these four proven techniques for writing attention-grabbing headlines, developed by “A-list” copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole, the “Queen of Controls.”

Circle of Success Was the Game-Changer in These Members’ Copywriting Careers

After going through Circle of Success these members found their copywriting careers taking off.

Regarding Your Path To Success: Enrollment Officially Open for Circle of Success

Circle of Success, is the only program in the world where you work directly with top people in the business — professional writers and marketers who serve both as teacher and mentors. If you want to become a professional copywriter — but you’re not moving forward as quickly as you’d like to … Then I encourage you to have a look at what Circle of Success has done for others.

How to Get Started Making Money as a Writer

Want to get paid to write but don’t know how to start? AWAI’s been successfully teaching the steps to take for 20+ years. Follow this 9-step blueprint...

[Last Chance] Get Paid $800 to $2,000

It only takes a few weekends to get your freelance writing business up, running, and ready to take on clients. And Michael will help you get all the skills you need in order to present yourself as an expert… and get you your first paying client, fast! Read on to learn more and see why clients are so desperate for e-newsletter writers…

3 Pros Share Their Stories, Secrets, and Top Takeaways… To Help You Navigate Bootcamp Confidently, Have Fun, and Springboard Your Career Forward!

3 Pros Share Their Stories, Secrets, and Top Takeaways… To Help You Navigate Bootcamp Confidently, Have Fun, and Springboard Your Career Forward!

Why Your Business Needs to Repeat. To Repeat.

Your copywriting income can be more predictable when you have work booked for the coming month before the month even begins. Here’s how you find it.

How Do Your Clients Measure Success?

Do you know how your clients really measure success? It might not be sales, leads, or new clients. To get it right, it pays to do your homework!

Your Simple Action Plan for Getting Your Freelance E-Newsletter Writing Business Up, Running, and Ready to Take on Clients in a Just a Few Short Weekends

It’s true! You can get up and running as an e-newsletter writer in just a few weekends. Get your freelance writing business up, running, and ready to take on clients with this simple action plan.

6 Reasons I Love Being an E-newsletter Writer

One simple skill can set you up in a writer’s life with predictable paychecks, and an easy workload. Here are six reasons to love this fun writing project.

3 Ways to Grow Your Client Base with Podcasting for Business

73 million people tune into at least one podcast per month. Some are your ideal clients. Find out how to use podcasting for business to attract clients.

Leverage the Power of NOW to Land Your First Social Media Marketing Clients — in 3 Easy Steps

Become an expert in one tactic and you’ll suddenly become super-valuable in your prospect’s eyes. Nick Usborne reveals the three easy steps to take NOW.

Every writer needs this skill. Period.

One of AWAI’s most popular programs, newly retooled, updated, and streamlined — by a gentleman who was “there” when Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms first opened their doors… Through this program — and with his guidance — you will master social media. Given enormous demand for social media writers… and the crucial importance that you develop this skill NOW rather than later…

Companies Hiring Copywriters for Social Media Campaigns Now

Companies today use social media marketing in a big way, and they’re looking for copywriters to help craft winning campaigns.

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