May 2019

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Circle of Success is a Copywriting Career Game-Changer

After going through Circle of Success these copywriters found freelance success.

I Was a New Copywriter Powered by 315 Years of Experience… and How You Can Be Too

You can start a copywriting career from anywhere, like how Sharlet Brennan did from her kitchen table. Here are 5 steps to fast-track your writing success.

B2B Micro-Moment Search: Attracting B2B Buyers

Many B2B buyers perform a micro-moment search before they buy. Here’s how to capitalize on the opportunity to get their attention early in the buying cycle.

Kickoff Your Copy Career With Circle of Success

In Circle of Success you get personalized training and mentoring in the most in-demand copywriting projects.

The Road to Success is Paved with Accelerated Failures

Everyone fails at some point, and Rebecca Matter shares why that’s a good thing for copywriters and how to use failures to move you forward to success.

The “Big 4” Pillars of Success for Your Freelance Copywriting Career

Build momentum for your copywriting career in the fastest way possible. You can achieve your goals starting now by following four pillars of success.

Is This Missing From Your Daily Routine?

Do you include a daily fast write as part of your routine? If not, you might be missing out on some big writing and business benefits. See what they are…

LAST CHANCE: “Live” at noon!

Our FREE Circle of Success Open House event starts at 12 p.m. Eastern. If you haven’t signed up yet, this is your very last chance to do so.

LAST CHANCE: A Niche With 8 Million+ Potential Clients

Last chance to see what the growth of B2B marketing means for copywriters.

Imagine Finding B2B Clients in Your Everyday Life…

B2B copywriting doesn’t have to be technical, boring, or scary. In this $6.5-trillion market, you can find good clients in unexpected places...

How You Can Break-In to a “Hidden” Six-Figure Copywriting Niche

When you work in B2B, there is plenty of opportunity due to the growing demand for copy.

You Should Say Yes: These Clients Want to Pay You $200-$5,000 Per Project

Writing B2B copy projects is a great way to rapid-fire earn $200 to $5,000+ for your copywriting services. The projects are short — and fun.

Should You Be a B2B Copy Project Specialist?

One tactic will help you market your services more easily AND earn higher writing fees. Follow this strategy for your choice of clients and opportunities.

Enrollment Closing: Get Paid To Write “Good News”

Today is the last day to join Casey Hibbard for the Case Study Masterclass and learn how to get paid $1,500 to write short, two-page “good news” stories.

The ‘Non-Salesy’ Steps I Took to Grow My Case Study Work

Land case study work, or any writing work, even if you’re an introvert… Casey Hibbard shares four moves that helped her grow her business to six-figures.

The Art of the Copywriting Prospect Follow-Up

Don’t get discouraged when a copywriting prospect doesn’t respond. Here’s what you can do to follow-up and improve your chances of landing the project.

You Could Be One Of A Handful Of Writers In The World To Have This

In just a few weeks, we’ll be kicking off our first-ever Case Study Masterclass. It’s an intense, 4-week training with one of the top writers in the world that helps you master writing case studies.

How to Fight Corporate Consolidation: Florida Exec Finds Winning Formula with B2B Copywriting

Sharlet Brennan had a great job, until the business was sold and everything changed. Find out how she created a career she loves with extra time for family.

A Lucrative New Copywriting Niche Earn $1,500 For A Two-Page “Story”

There are plenty of high paying opportunities in writing customer success stories.

Defining Your Own Unique Selling Proposition to Attract Clients

Defining your unique selling proposition helps you make connections with people you’ll enjoy working with and who’ll go out of their way to work with you.

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