May 2022

Incredible: 10x More Writing Income Up for Grabs

Content marketing is in such demand, companies are willing to pay writers handsome fees, especially if you can provide original ideas and mastermind strategies that match their marketing needs.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: To Advance, You Need to “Do the Work”

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, and Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, remind us that the only path to true change is through active, conscious effort to get to know yourself.

Living the Writer's Life: Peter Smolens

Peter Smolens fell in love with photography the moment he first saw a black-and-white print being developed. He’s also passionate about digital painting and even published a book on the topic. Through a happy set of circumstances, this love of art and photography led him to a career as a technical writer. Peter attributes his success to persistence. He draws inspiration from the adage, “You have to put your butt in the chair and do the work!”

Meet Marketers Who Need Freelance Writers Now — Free Webinar and Q&A

Writers are in big demand as marketers look to take advantage of the massive increase in the number of people researching and making buying decisions online. Meet with marketers looking to hire now … and hear firsthand what they’re looking for in a writer.

Two Charts Every Writer Needs to See

Earlier today, we held our private briefing for all writers. The replay is up now, in case you missed it!

Where the Puck Is Going Next and More Answers for Writers from Russ Henneberry

The opportunity to make a lot of money in content writing is HUGE right now. Content is everywhere and it’s desperately needed by every business. Here are five questions and answers with Russ Henneberry about this trend.

WRITERS: Your $412 Billion Writing Opportunity

Companies need writers more than ever before. Learn what they need, why, and how you can claim a piece of this giant pie.

This Is Easily Worth 10x the Money You Pay

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Slow Down and Reflect on Your Emotions

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, reminds us how to check in with our emotions ... and why it’s best to feel and express them in order to be successful as writers – and as people.

The Pinnacle: This writing path will take you to the top of our industry

Find out how you can start down the ONE writing path that will take you to the pinnacle of our industry

Four Goof-proof Ways to Write Irresistible Headlines for Every Sales Copy Project You Take On

The average headline will keep only about 25% of people reading further. And that’s on a page where the only options are to keep reading or to leave. So how do you bump that percentage higher? Read this article to learn tips on how to write an irresistible headline.

If You Can Tell a Good Story, You Might Get a Check for $5,000

If you know how to tell a good story, you might win a check from AWAI for $5,000 plus get your name on our roster of potential writers for other upcoming projects.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Time to Check in On Your Writing Goals

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart session, AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, shares a few tricks for becoming less “busy,” so that you can become more effective... and reach your writing goals sooner.

Your May Issue: Special Announcements & More

Just released, the May issue of Barefoot Writer!

Writing Assignments Worth $1,500… $3,000… or Even $8,000 or More

Specializing in auditing website content is a clever way to get paid twice, while establishing yourself as a valuable member of your client’s marketing team.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Using Tragedy to Grow as a Writer

Watch today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart session with AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, to learn the difference and understand how you can either use the tragedy to thrive as a writer... or make big life changes before tragedy ever strikes.