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3 Steps to Creating Your Personal Writing Brand

Discover why branding is so essential to building an authentic, successful writing career, and enjoy these three steps to creating your personal writing brand.

Fight Off “Resistance” with this Proven, Easy-to-Tap Technique

If you haven’t yet met all your writing goals, there’s a proven technique you should look into. It’ll make your writing life better, more enjoyable, and more successful …

The Single Most Effective Way to Survive (and Thrive) Your Early Years as a Writer

If your writing career isn’t yet where you want it to be, consider this easy-to-access technique of building your own fortress of support and watch as it helps you excel.

How, When, and Why You Need an Updated Headshot

Discover why it’s essential to get an updated headshot to market your writing business, and learn tips for making sure the photo you get is as good as possible.

Tips to Overcome Self-Sabotage

Find out what self-sabotage habits plague creative professionals and get tips on overcoming them so you can move forward in your personal and creative goals …

Why Success as a Writer Won’t Ever Mean Perfection

Discover why finding great success as a writer doesn’t mean getting to a point in your career where you’re “perfect.” Learn what it means instead…

How Writing Fiction Makes You a Better Copywriter

Find out why fiction and copywriting are closely related, and how if you want to excel at one if might be worth it to look into the other.

Tune Out Your Lizard Brain for Big-Writing Success

Discover why you should tune out the “lizard” part of your brain if you hope to achieve big writing success, and find out what to do instead.

2 Minutes to More Powerful and Focused Writing

Follow this easy - and scientifically proven - trick to improve confidence and ramp up your writing career.

Simple “Description Rule” That Launches Writing Careers

Writing with a show-don’t-tell approach gives readers a vivid and more memorable experience. They’re more likely to remember what they read and come back for more.

5 Tips You Can Follow that Will Put You on the Writing Path

When you connect with other successful writers, not only will you realize that there are other people just like you with the same goals and hopes and ambitions … you’ll also realize how to turn those goals into action, and into profit.

In the Company of Good Friends

Friends, especially those following and living the writer’s life, can help push you forward in your writing career. They share your dreams and aspirations and that sharing is the key to success.

Why it Matters to Have View of Your Future Writer’s Life

Not all writers have tidy desks, but in the end it doesn’t matter because every person living the writer’s life is different and that’s the way it should be.

Sharing Your Writer’s Life with Your Family

One of the best ways to make your dreams of being a writer come true is sharing your goals with someone close in your life. They can help make you accountable for making those dreams come true.

How Writing Allows You to Showcase Your Unique Self

Writing opens the door to many exciting opportunities but it also allows you to be your authentic self.

2015 Wish List of Top Gifts for Writers

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a special writer in your life, you’ll find the perfect item on this list of top gifts for writers.

How to Land Clients Willing to Pay You for Video Scripts

If you want to get in on one of the most lucrative writing opportunities ever, start by reading this list about how to land clients who will pay you for writing videos

2 Self-Promotional Video Formats That Help You Get Hired for Your Writing Services Fast

Discover the two main formats—both of which are easy to do—for producing a video that promotes your writing services (and gets you hired fast!).

What to Include When You Write Your Own Client-Attracting Video Sales Script

Looking for an easy way to let clients know about your writing services? Check out these eight elements to include in your own video sales script.

Discover the Eight Most Vital Elements to Include in Any Video Message You Write

Find out which eight essential elements of video sales message writing you should always include if you want your prospect’s nod of approval.

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