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Congratulations to Our First Bootcamp Spec Winner of 2023!

The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA) Managing Editor Jen Adams is delighted to announce that AWAI Member Cynthia Hill has won this year’s Bootcamp Spec Challenge for PWA.

YOUR PLAYBACK IS HERE: White Papers: The $1,000 Per Page Writing Project

Right now you can get access to the playback of our FREE training on what white papers are, why B2B companies need them, and more!

Detailed Agenda Now Available Lucky You! It May Be Our Best Lineup in 20+ Years

Our industry expert speakers for Bootcamp 2023 have gone over the top to prepare fresh new techniques, secrets, and strategies for building the writing business of your dreams. Read more to take a sneak peek at the agenda.

Meet Bootcamp Speaker Russ Henneberry Discover 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Hearing from this Superstar!

It’s hard to summarize the impact Russ Henneberry has had on AWAI members and the team here over the past few years. He’s become one of our most popular trainers on content marketing, self-promotion, and earning what you’re worth, and this year he is taking the big Bootcamp stage for the first time!

September Pre-Bootcamp Webinar: Networking with Confidence With Marketing Mentor Ilise Benun

Join us online Friday, September 29, 3:00 p.m. ET for a free training with marketing mentor, Ilise Benun. She is one of our most popular AWAI speakers because she takes your top “getting clients” concerns and calmly breaks them down into simple, achievable tasks.

6 Steps to Writing a Successful White Paper and Raking in Nice Fees

Writing white papers can be a very lucrative specialty for copywriters. Here is why white papers are important cornerstone content, and why they are ideal for certain business missions. Plus, the six main components of a successful white paper.

35 Hot Niche Industries for Web Content Writing Jobs in 2023

Succeed faster when you focus your attention where demand is highest. Check out 35 trending niche industries where you can look for content writing jobs.

Rewrite the Content for a Website Intro Section … and You Could Win $200

Practice is the best way to keep improving as an online copywriter. Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

5 In-Demand Assignments (and Fees!) as a Video Script Writer

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from using video as part of their marketing mix, but many don’t know how to write captivating video scripts. There is a huge opportunity for writers who know how to write video scripts. Here are five different projects you can take on with this skill.

Write a Powerful Email on This Topic: “What I’ll Do with the First $1K I Earn as a Freelance Writer”

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means time spent writing! Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

Freelance Writing Opportunities for All Stages of the Customer Journey

As a freelance writer, you can help your clients foster satisfying customer interactions through all stages of the customer journey, with messages that resonate and keep them happy.

Newsletters Now: A Booming Specialty for Freelance Writers

When it comes to attracting prospects, winning them over, and maintaining those valued relationships, newsletters are still among the top marketing channels. But businesses need writers to create them — and they’ll pay steady income for each issue.

Your Freelance Writing Opportunity to Save Local “No Idea” Websites

There’s a new opportunity to help local businesses attract more customers by providing some basic information. Aspiring and experienced writers can use this tactic to line up new work and get paid, twice.

How to Help Web Clients Fix the One Thing Many Sites Are Missing

One thing can change the way a website performs to bring in lots of traffic. If you’re able to help businesses diagnose that critical factor, and help them fix their websites, you can earn double paychecks in return. Here’s how it works…

5 Web Content Musts That Never Change — But Many Sites Miss Them

Many business websites are missing the basic “musts” they should have, and they don’t understand why they’re not getting more traffic or buyers. Here’s how to fix them…

Web Clients Need Your Help NOW for Google Mobile First Success

Many company websites are not working well on smartphones, which is going to cause problems as Google implements more changes. Here’s what this means to writers…

Get Paid $2,000… And Open the Door to Endless Moneymaking Opportunities with Clients

Get paid to write a proposal?! Discover how to do it… and then get paid again to do the writing work too. Establish your value as a strategic partner.

4 Abundant Marketing Buckets of Opportunity for Freelance Writers

Make a great living as a freelance writer when you can write the different projects needed for each stage of the marketing life cycle. Here’s how the copy and content continuum works for businesses today.

How Freelance Writers Can Keep Up with the California Law and PRO Act

There’s a massive need for freelance writers. But you may have heard the buzz out there about your opportunities being shut down by new laws. Here’s the scoop.

How 5 Thriving Copywriters Found Riches in Their Niches… and How You Can, Too

In these interviews with five niche copywriters, you’ll see how choosing a niche can set you on the path to earning a better freelance income.

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