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Why You Need a Website for Your Freelance Writing Business

Musician-turned-copywriter Jim Wright admits that confidence used to get in the way of success. That changed when he built his own copywriter’s website.

The Secret Psychology of Becoming a Great Copywriter

Mike Palmer hit a point in his career where he almost gave up. So did Will Newman. So might you. Understanding the psychology will help you push through.

The “Gold Rush Secret” to Making Money as a Freelance Copywriter

By following the money, you can have lasting success as freelance copywriter. And the money path points toward the information publishing industry.

Overcoming Doubts When Pursuing The Writer's Life

Doubts can stall your quest for the writer's life. COS Master Instructor Will Newman explains how to overcome them.

60 Seconds that Could Make or Break Your Career

If you have just 30 to 60 seconds to convince a potential client to hire you, could you do it? Here are 9 strategies to make sure you impress prospects.

How to Avoid the Rookie Copywriting Business Mistake that Will Keep You a Rookie Forever

When building a writing business, identifying the “what not to dos,” is just as important as the “what to dos.” Learn to avoid a mistake many writers make.

Why You Must Have Accountability Partners If You’re Serious about Copywriting Success

Will Newman offers a view of how AWAI accountability partnerships help copywriters through the various stages of their journey to the writer's life.

How the Secret of FOCUS Will Help You Achieve Your Writing Goals Faster

Want to move forward faster in your writing career? Try the proven Secret of FOCUS and see for yourself just how fast things can go.

These Alternative Health Copywriting Secrets Can Double or Triple Your Success Regardless of Your Niche

When Will Newman started writing in the health niche, he didn't grasp how to handle the emotion of fear in his copy, until he learned two important secrets.

How Proper Timing Helped This Member Achieve The Writer's Life

AWAI member Janice Sakata-Schultze made a successful leap to the writer's life… thanks to good timing and consistent goals.

Mark Ford’s Secret: Why These Extra Words Mean the Difference between Copy that Succeeds or Fails

Use Mark Ford’s solution to avoid the common mistake copywriters make that prevents your prospect from reading your promotion.

Mark Ford’s Secret for Making Your Headlines Better Than 95% of all Headlines Written Today

Mark Ford tells us captivating headlines must promise a future benefit to succeed. He also tells us they must express this other type of benefit too.

Banish Writer’s Block for Faster, More Successful, and More Profitable Writing

Every writer who’s sat down at a computer has faced the “Tyranny of the Blank Page.” No more! Thanks to Carline Anglade-Cole’s secret.

Why Do Some Copywriters Get Rich, While Others Don’t? It’s Not Talent

Master Copywriter Mike Palmer doesn’t believe talent has much to do with your getting rich as a copywriter. Here’s what he says makes the difference.

I Want to Meet YOU in Person

What would entice a self-described introverted “cave bear” out of his home to travel 2,867 miles? It’s the people he’ll meet when he gets there.

What Sort of Club Would You Join? Would It Help You with Your Dream of Living The Writer's Life?

What clubs would you join if you had the chance? Would you choose one that helps your quest for the writer's life? Here are Will Newman’s choices.

How the “Power of Belonging” Will Enrich Your Writing Career

Will Newman says he’s not a joiner. Yet, he can honestly say all the great things in his life — including success — have come from groups he’s joined.

Why You Need a Website for Your Freelance Writing Business

Jim Wright admits that confidence used to get in the way of success. That changed when he built his own copywriter’s website.

How B2B Writing Saved Christopher Dean from the Torture of Retail Employment

AWAI member Christopher Dean needed a change from the endless demands of retail employment. Here’s how he discovered his release.

This Type of Intimate Group Moves You Steadily Toward Success and Wealth

Why go it alone, when you can get other people to act as your compass to success? This is why you should consider joining a mastermind group.

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