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ENDING TODAY: Your $500 in AWAI Credits

There’s not a lot of time, so we want to make sure you saw the $500 in AWAI credits you have access to through our Build Your Own Money-Making Website Incentive Plan.

Playback: How to Make Passive Income with AI… Without a Single Client

Watch as digital copywriting pioneer Nick Usborne reveals the way he’s making money with AI… without a single client!

Your Passive Income Writing Plan

We want to make 2024 your best year yet as a writer... By helping you build a passive income stream with your writing. You’ll learn how to build an “extra” income of $400, $1,000, $3,500 or more — all in just a few hours per week.

3 Ways to Use AI to Help You Create Your Money-Making Website — Plus a Big, Fat Caveat

Nick Usborne, the expert in Money-Making Websites shows how using AI can help you get started with your own Money-Making Website.

5-Part Checklist for Building a Money-Making Website

By following a proven formula for making money writing about something she loves, Jen Phillips April was able to experience several benefits from her Money-Making Website. Here’s a five-step checklist so you can get started.

4 Reasons Why I Really, Really Love My Money-Making Websites

Nick Usborne, a pioneer in digital marketing, has one type of writing he loves best of all. Here are four reasons this writing project is his favorite, including the $500,000 he’s made in passive income from it.

What Your About Page Should Really Be About

Today, every freelance writer needs a website that shows prospective clients why they are the one to do business with. A well-written About page makes a big difference.

7 Ways to Make Money as a Writer… Without Clients

Andrew Murray is following a proven formula for making money writing about something he loves. Thanks to expert Nick Usborne’s process, Andrew is generating passive income seven ways without clients.

4 Powerful Lessons Learned from My New Money-Making Website — All About Mushrooms

Nick Usborne’s been very successful with his over 15-year-old Money-Making Website. Here are four lessons he’s learned as he tries to build a new website to the same level of success.

Why Every Freelance Writer Needs a Website Now

Every business needs a website today — here’s a compelling reason why. Plus, five things that may be holding you back from not having a website, and ideas to move you past the hurdles.

5 Ways to Earn a Healthy Income Without Clients

Andrew Murray finances his dream of traveling the Australian Outback by writing about it. So far, he’s generating income five ways without clients.

3 Ways to Create a Better Life with Your Own Money-Making Website

Creating a website can help you during difficult times… financially and in other important ways as well. Nick Usborne shares three important benefits he discovered this year.

No Clients? Make Money Writing on Your Own Website

To make money without clients, choose a topic you love and start writing on it right away. Here are eight reasons to adopt this money-making technique now.

Top 5 Excuses for Not Having a Website (And 5 Solutions to Nix Them for Good!)

Today, every business needs a website — even yours! Here are five excuses for not having a website, and five solutions to conquer the roadblocks for good.

Make This Your Year… Take a Chance and Chase Your Dream

If you truly want freedom and happiness, decide what you want in life and take a chance. There’s a way your writing can help you earn an income while you pursue your dreams…

5 Ways My Money-Making Website Changed My Life, Both Personally and Professionally

Nick Usborne spends 1-3 hours a week on a hobby he loves. It’s been very lucrative and changed his life. Read how a similar hobby could change yours too.

3 Ways You’re in Control with a Money-Making Website

Whatever your goals, put yourself in control with this tactic. You decide how much time you want to spend working… what you want to write… and how much money you make.

How to Plan Out Your Freelance Website Content in Under an Hour

Successful writers must have a website, your piece of internet real estate. Here’s how to plan site content that shows prospects who you are and what you can do.

Why V is the Most Profitable Letter for Your Writing Business

Combine your copywriting business and a niche website, and you’ve got a unique opportunity to accelerate your success with both. Here is how it works...

Three Ways You Can Make Money Writing — Without Having to Find Clients

Nick Usborne spends 1-3 hours a week writing about a topic he’s passionate about. In return, he generates income three ways — without a single client.

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