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Impress B2B Clients with Your Secret Weapon

Discover how you can impress your B2B clients, even if you’re just starting out as a copywriter or taking on a brand-new type of project

Content Mills: 5 Ways They Can Boost Your New Writing Career

Having trouble launching your writing career? Find out how the content mills can set you on the path to success as a writer.

All The Tools You Need For Your B2B Business - For Less Than A Cup of Coffee!

There are very few things a dollar will get you. And for two days only a Platinum membership to the B2B Writing Success Site is one of them! Get all the details about this exciting opportunity and all the included resources to help you build your B2B business.

Creating a Buyer Persona for Your B2B Client

Creating the perfect persona helps you write great copy for your client, faster and more easily. Expert B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite shows you how.

From Nightmares to Living Your Dream Life as a B2B Copywriter

Get insights from Lynda Barry and Stephen King about turning your dream to be a B2B copywriter into a successful freelance career.

Last Chance to Start Your B2B Writing Career for Only $97.50!

If you have even a tiny hunch that B2B copywriting might be right for you, now is the time to give it a try. You can get started with AWAI’s popular program, Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy for only $97.50. But hurry – offer ends soon!

Why is Writing for B2B So Great? Let Me Count the Ways...

Writing for B2B companies offers many great opportunities. Off the top of his head, B2B copy expert Steve Slaunwhite counts 10 ways…

B2B Was My Lucky Break. Could It Be Yours?

Steve Slaunwhite “backed into” a lucrative career that doesn’t involve hours of researching the prospect, her emotions, or the Big Idea. How’d he do it?

Where to Find an Avalanche of Hidden (Plus Lucrative) Writing Projects

Why would copywriters consider taking short B2B projects paying less than long-form sales letters? Because one B2B project often means many lucrative ones.

Business to Business Copywriting: The Safest Path to Success

If you need help choosing a path for your writing career, you should consider the business-to-business market. It's the path where most copywriters find success and have the easiest time getting up and running. Plus, we've put together a special plan to help you get started.

Hate Writing Long Sales Copy? Great! You’re Perfect for This Lucrative Opportunity

Is your pursuit of the writer's life stalled because you hate writing long sales copy? Then, you're perfectly suited for this lucrative opportunity.

It’s Your Turn to Live The Writer’s Life

You know B2B copywriting is your path to success, but when can you start living the writer’s life? Right now. Find out how…

This AWAI Member Doesn’t Like Writing Long-Form Sales Copy. What’s His Secret to Achieving The Writer's Life So Quickly?

John Brewer doesn’t like writing long-form sales copy. But in just two short years, he’s already living the writer's life. What’s his secret?

Yes You Can! Grab the Magic of The Writer’s Life

Discover how to go beyond your fear and grab the magic of the writer’s life with these insights from Elizabeth Gilbert.

Learn These 12 Writing Projects in 12 Days

If you've been looking for a niche where you can learn all the ins and outs AND start quickly getting projects and landing clients - look no further. Save $100 NOW on Gordon Graham's Crash Course in B2B Content!

Understanding These 4 Types of Writing Will Lead You to the Fastest Route to The Writer's Life

Many copywriters believe only one type of writing will bring them the writer's life. Master Copywriter Gordon Graham has a different perspective.

Yes You Can! Fighting for Your Copywriting Goals

Your copywriting goals are attainable but you must fight for them. Discover what you can learn from writer Steven Pressfield that can help.

Gordon Graham: How B2B Companies Use White Papers

In this video interview, Gordon Graham talks about how B2B companies are using white papers and how you can add them into your content marketing services.

How to Overcome Four Common B2B Copywriting Obstacles

Don't let these four common obstacles keep you from B2B copywriting success. Use these strategies to overcome them and get moving forward.

Connect with Prospects by Understanding Them

Margot Howard has been able to connect with prospects by using her corporate experience to demonstrate that she understands them and their challenges.

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