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Why Web Writers Should Care about Google’s Mobile First

Businesses need web writers to go through their existing content in five key areas and optimize it for mobile devices because if their web pages aren’t optimized, they’re being penalized by Google.

For Freelance Copywriters, Success Comes Faster When You Ride the Biggest, Baddest Waves!

Money is rolling into this area at a historic rate, creating an opportunity for writers to make a great deal of money. Learn about this wave and why you should be diving in right now.

Having Pricing Challenges? 8 Things to Try

Knowing what fees to charge prospective clients is an ongoing question for beginning (and advanced) writers. Here are eight options to test to find the best solutions for you.

5 Reopening Copy Projects You Can Land NOW

As the marketplace continues to shift due to the pandemic, businesses need help reaching out to customers and prospects. Here are five simple projects you can be writing for them now.

10 Things Every Successful Copywriter Needs to Know

To be a well-paid writer, it’s important to stay alert to the market changes that directly impact the services you provide your clients. Pay attention to these 10 things to increase your success…

Create Your Own Diamond Hailstorm with This Writing Secret

To make forward progress toward your writing goals, you should put yourself under the right kind of pressure. You’ll enjoy three key benefits and achieve greater gains in your writing career.

Write a Powerful, 83-Word Email About a Centrifugal Juicer… And You Could Get a $200 Prize!

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means time spent writing! Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

Live Workshop: Create a Winning Writing Portfolio

No copywriting samples? No problem! Join us for this FREE workshop to learn how to put together a portfolio of professional samples — even if you’re just starting a freelance writing career and you’ve never worked with clients.

3 Trends in UX Copywriting Happening Right Now

Bad user experiences online cost businesses trillions of dollars, but an effective UX copywriter can help change that. Here are three trends in UX… and why they’re a golden opportunity for you.

How You Can Be a Detective, a Scientist, a Psychologist, and a Superhero When You Do This Kind of Writing

Being a UX copywriter is about helping people connect with products that will make their life better. It means solving problems, anticipating needs, and continually learning… all while making a great living as a writer.

Why User Experience (UX) Copywriting Is a Competitive Edge

The right words can make or break a transaction online, and the UX copywriter plays a critical role by thinking through the visitor’s journey on a website. Learn more about the value a UX copywriter brings…

What Is UX Copywriting? A Beginner’s Guide

Companies need their customers to have positive user experiences when visiting their website. Which means every business with a website needs your help to create a smooth customer journey.

“UX” Demystified — Writers Needed Right Now

Learn why the demand for writers who specialize in UX copywriting is so high right now. And how you can use this fast-growing opportunity to increase the fees you earn for every project.

The Real Scoop on Paid Blogging: Why to Start, and How It Works

Savvy marketers recognize that blogging is an important part of their content strategy, and they need good blog writers to provide fresh, consistent posts. Check these five points to see if blogging is a good fit for you.

This Writing Specialty Brings Freelance Stability Plus Income Rocket Fuel

Starting your writing career as a blogger is a fast way to get your foot in the door with paying clients. Here’s how you can earn steady income, set up retainer deals, and more.

6 Reasons to Start Blogging NOW

You may be an ideal fit for this well-paid and fun writing specialty. Here are six reasons you should get started now. Plus, discover why this project is a gateway to other writing opportunities.

She Almost Gave Up, Then She Hit $100K with This Writing Skill

Mindy McHorse suspected that learning one simple skill would change her life, and she was right. Here’s how she broke into the world of well-paid writing, and how you can too.

What’s Stopping You from Taking Advantage of This Red-Hot Health Market? Here Are 7 Reasons Why You’re CRAZY Not to JUMP In!

With the combination of the post-pandemic focus on wellness, alternative health treatments, and an aging population… the health market is exploding with opportunity. Here are seven reasons why you should jump into this market.

Why Now Is NOT the Time to Put Your Freelance Health Writing Dreams on Hold!

An aging population, the pandemic, and a greater focus on health have created even more opportunity in the health writing market, and expert Carline Anglade-Cole reveals more reasons why now is the time to get started.

Copywriters: Can You Guess Which Test Won?

Learn insider secrets on how to identify winning copy from a top health copywriter. You’ll also discover why the demand for writers who specialize in the alternative health market is surging right now.

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