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6 Key Differences Between Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Marketing

B2B marketing can be a fast route to the writer's life. And B2B copy can be easy to write. But to be successful, you must know these 6 crucial differences.

How to Find the Pain Points of Your Ideal Clients

Your self-promotion for copy services should not be about you. Instead, it should be about something very important to your ideal clients. Find out more...

A Four-Step Formula for Developing the Confidence You Need to Succeed as a Copywriter

If you want to pursue your copywriting dreams, but find yourself holding back, Ed Gandia has a solution. Here, he walks through four steps to follow.

The $1,350 Email (Or Why LinkedIn is a Potential Gold Mine of Clients)

Get clients from this gold mine when you follow this step-by-step formula. Jen Phillips April shares her secrets to netting clients.

How Writers Can Save Time and Earn More Money… Specialize

To get more work, gain credibility, and earn higher fees, every copywriter should use this simple tactic. Here’s three ways you can get started today.

Here’s 146 Years of Proof that Demand for These 8 Copy Projects Will Continue to Grow

In this era of online marketing, there are more opportunities for writers than ever. Here are 8 in-demand projects you could offer copy clients right now.

Why Direct-Response Copywriting Is Here to Stay

Many marketers feared direct-mail copywriting would die off when the Web came along. Now there’s a new threat to the direct-response industry. Or is there?

9 E-newsletter Clients Right Outside Your Front Door

E-newsletter clients are all around you. In fact, you probably interact with nine prospective clients in your everyday life. Learn who they are here.

Writing E-newsletters: Three (Really Good) Reasons to Offer These to Clients

One simple skill can set you up in a writer’s life with predictable, consistent paychecks, and a fun and easy workload. Your inbox holds the key.

How to Use a Free YouTube Account and PayPal Address to Create a Million-Dollar Clientless Copywriting Business

You can have a comfortable life with just three things when you follow this simple business model. Here’s how to make a living without a boss or clients.

A Secret Way of Starting a Clientless Copywriting Business from Scratch

To start making money fast, Ben Settle shares a proven seven-step plan you can follow from scratch so you can be clientless and make good money.

How to Be the “Jeff Bezos” of Clientless Copywriters

Become the Amazon or Sears Catalog of your niche, and your clientless copywriting business will achieve success with minimal time on your part. Here’s how…

3 Smart Social Media Goals and How to Achieve Them

There’s a vital key to social media success. Keep it in mind and any social media goal you go after will be instantly more attainable. Discover it here…

3 Reasons Why NOW Is an Insanely Smart Time to Become a Social Media Writer and Marketer

Nick Usborne says there are a ton of reasons why now is the best time to hang out your shingle as a social media writer. Here he looks at three of them…

This Writing Niche Will Welcome You with Open Arms

B2B clients can be the easiest to get for 3 reasons. Charlotte Hicks outlines them… and why even brand-new copywriters are highly valued by B2B marketers.

What Are Today’s Top-Paying Gigs in B2B Writing?

What are today’s top-paying B2B writing gigs? Steve Slaunwhite lists six opportunities to make good money writing for the $5.6 million B2B industry.

The Head Start in Copywriting (You May Not Know You Have!)

You may have the head start you need to earn good fees as a copywriter. Steve Slaunwhite reveals the advantage you may not even know you have…

3 Ways to Pick a Niche in B2B Copywriting

Increase your chances of success by doing this one thing. You’ll attract B2B companies who need a writer like you — a writer they’ll happily pay good fees.

B2B Copywriting and the $20 Million Toaster

The toaster may cost $40, but this household staple has hundreds of copywriting opportunities supporting it that can lead you quickly to the writer’s life.

Why You Need a Website for Your Freelance Writing Business

Musician-turned-copywriter Jim Wright admits that confidence used to get in the way of success. That changed when he built his own copywriter’s website.

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