June 2023

Inside a Copyediting Agency with EditorNinja Founder John Doherty

As founder of the subscription-based company EditorNinja, John Doherty is focused on the importance of copyediting in today’s copy-intensive world. In this video, he discusses with Katie Yeakle what his company does, why editing is a valuable service, and how to get started as copyeditor.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Full-Time to Freelance

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Russ Henneberry talk about making the jump from working full-time for someone else to being your own boss as a freelancer.

Living the Writer's Life: Monica Coleman

Monica Coleman had a longtime thirst to help others. Despite a successful career in finance, she knew more was possible for her. It wasn’t till she discovered the power of the written word that she found a way to meld her interests and passions with a versatile writing career that keeps her busy and engaged. Today, she has time for her family plus plenty of intriguing work to keep her busy…

How This Freelance Copywriter Shifted to a Dream In-House Position

Freelance writer Lisa Schmidt recently landed a dream full-time staff writer position. Why the switch after eight years of freelancing? Lisa said, “I was looking to create more stability in my income and to be a part of a much larger mission.” See how it all unfolded, along with Lisa’s advice.

“But I’m a Fiction Writer”… 3 Myths about Copywriting that Hold You Back from Writing for a Living

After fighting a battle between the pursuit of ‘artistic’ creative writing vs. ‘commercial’ copywriting, Deann Rasch found a new perspective. She created a listicle debunking three myths about copywriting that may hold a new writer back from getting well-paid to do what they love.

Pre-Bootcamp Playback Session: Connecting with Confidence for Your Copywriting Career — Create Your Own Bodacious Bootcamp Experience

Pam Foster met with Bootcamp alumni and heard their insider secrets on making the most out of your Bootcamp experience. Discover how Bootcamp sparked amazing careers for them… what they did specifically during and after Bootcamp… and where they are now as thriving writers.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: 4 Pillars of Business: Sales

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Ted Capshaw and Jade Trueblood talk about Sales, the fourth pillar in the 4 Pillars of Business. It’s vital to know that you are a writer, you are a business, and you are a salesperson.

Prize Winner Announced for AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Deann Rasch, the winning blog post writer out of 13 finalists in our special program for new freelance writers — AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge. This program is for aspiring professional freelance writers learning the ropes for the first time through AWAI.

“You’re Going to AWAI’s Bootcamp!” Three Ad Writing Contest Winners Chosen to Receive a Ticket to Attend The Copywriting Event of the Year

Congratulations to the three winners of May’s Ad Writing Contest, sponsored by The Writer’s Life. The prize winners were awarded a ticket to AWAI’s 2023 Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Bootcamp for writing compelling ad copy encouraging writers to attend The Copywriting Event of the Year.

Living the Writer's Life: Chad Myers

Chad Myers set out for his first job in media with gusto, but he soon realized it wasn’t all he’d dreamed it would be. He wasn’t long into the disappointment before he came across copywriting and recognized it as the trampoline that could vault him toward his biggest life dreams. Read on to discover how those dreams intersect with writing, and what he’s doing to make sure they all come true.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: 4 Pillars of Business: Finance

In today’s episode, Ted Capshaw and Jade Trueblood talk about the third pillar: Finance. Because the money is what gets you to whatever you want your version of the writer’s life to be, it’s important to know how to make money… But you also need to understand the importance of effectively handling the money.

Powerhouse Speakers Set for AWAI’s 2023 Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Bootcamp 2023

AWAI announces its world-class roster of speakers for the 2023 AWAI Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Bootcamp. In October, this “who’s who” of copywriting, content marketing, and freelance business growth experts will share new techniques, secrets, and strategies based on what's working now.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: 4 Pillars of Business: Systems & Techniques

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Ted and Jade talk about the second pillar in the 4 Pillars of Business: Systems & Techniques. Ted and Jade break down how to set up systems and techniques that work for you to create a better business — especially in our ever-changing industry. And, Ted reveals the questions to ask yourself to identify what you need to put in place, and how to assess them as you move forward.