April 2018

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Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Don Hauptman

Advice from top direct-response copywriter, Don Hauptman.

How to Take the Copywriting World By Storm…

Jon Stoltzfus went from brand-new to “most in-demand copywriter on the planet” in less than four years. Here he shares the tactic that made it possible.

How a Little White Lie Made This Copywriter $500,000 Richer

Sometimes we tell ourselves lies to feel better, but in this instance, copywriter Jon Stoltzfus’ little white lie made him $500,000 richer.

Short Videos That Build Connections, Trust, and Confidence with Clients

One tactic is working BIG-TIME to attract prospects, make more connections, and land more of the kind of projects you want to do.

For Love AND Money – The Ultimate Writing Gig

Find out how you can write about you love AND make some additional income while doing so - with copywriting legend Bob Bly. Get more information about his exciting new program, and sign up today for a $200 discount!

The #1 Problem with Info Marketing Success

When you tell someone with a job that you make a living generating passive income on the internet, you’ll get a variety of reactions. Be forewarned here.

Lessons from a 31-Day Article Challenge

When Tammy Powell undertook a 31-Day Article Challenge, she got much more than just a collection of articles. Find out what she learned in the process.

Networking Opportunity: No Velvet Rope to Hold You Back

Where some business events may keep presenters separated from attendees, there’s one event where there’s no limit to the networking opportunities.

“America’s Top Copywriter” Teaches You How to Make Money … While You Sleep

Imagine ... making money in your sleep?! Find out how you can learn to generate a second income - from "America's Top Copywriter" himself, Bob Bly. Get all the details on his new program, and sign up today for a $200 discount.

5 Steps to Building Your Information Marketing Empire

When you start and build your own internet business, you’ll discover a hierarchy for success. Learn more about Bob Bly’s 5 stages of the ladder of success.

Good Client Follow Up: The Secret to Landing More Clients

Eighty percent of freelance writers make a critical mistake when it comes to landing clients — they don’t practice good client follow up.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Charmin Sterbenz

Charmin Sterbenz gives the inside scoop on what marketers really want in a writer.

Start Your Online Info Marketing Business on a Shoestring

You can generate big income in your spare time — without a single client. The best part is that you won’t need a lot of money to get started. Here’s how…

Introducing the Ultimate “Insurance Policy” for Freelance Copywriters

You're likely enjoying some great perks as a freelancer. But sometimes the fear of a "dry spell" is a concern. Find out how you can protect yourself with information publishing and Bob Bly's newest program.

The Ultimate Part-Time Copywriting Job

Work just a few hours a week in this copywriting job and you can make six-figures per year. No clients needed.

How She Gets Her Pick of Copywriting Jobs

As a freelancer, you’re a business owner. And that levels the playing field with potential clients when seeking copywriting jobs.

Use Your Copywriting Skills to Start Your Own Publishing Business

Because you know the elements of writing sales copy, you can use those skills to write and publish your own information products.

Why Information Marketing Should Be Every Freelance Copywriter’s Second Business

Bob Bly spends 1-2 hours a week on his second business. He’s been using this opportunity to make big money each month in his spare time — and you can too.

Chickpeas Before Dawn … ? Master Humorist and Storyteller Michael Katz Shares his Favorite Money-Making Secret

Writing B2B emails is one of the most rewarding opportunities in copywriting success. Find out more from the E-newsletter expert himself, Michael Katz ... and save $200 when you sign up by midnight tonight.

Why Your Business Needs to Repeat. To Repeat.

Your copywriting income can be more predictable when you have work booked for the coming month before the month even begins. Here’s how you find it.

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