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Last Call for Virtual Business Building Intensive

If you’re serious about building a thriving writing business this year, this is the fastest, easiest method we’ve ever created. Simply follow along with each of our experts and you’ll be up and running within 30 days! This Virtual Business Building Intensive is designed for any writer... of any experience level (even if you have no experience yet).

These copywriters built freelance businesses in 30 days.

As a copywriter you’re writing skills are one half of the equation – get all the details on building your business.

The Recent MySpace Scandal is Why We Stress the Importance of Having Your Own Website

MySpace recently admitted that they lost all of the music uploaded to their site between 2003 and 2015 — over 50 million songs from 14 million artists. That’s why it’s important to have your own website – Rebecca can help you with that.

Can I Help You with Your Writing Business

For the past couple of years, a team of experts and I have been helping small groups of writers build their freelance businesses... ones that were up and running — and attracting new clients with paying projects — in under 30 days. And we’ve decided to do it again this year…

7 Steps to Turning in Work Clients Love

You get hard to land a project. And when you finally do, that’s when the real work begins. Use these seven steps for turning in work your clients will love

The “Big 4” Pillars of Success for Your Freelance Copywriting Career

Build momentum for your freelance copywriting career by following the four pillars of success. Pam Foster reveals how you can achieve your goals faster.

Four Secrets Profitable Freelance Writers Use to Generate Income

Profitable freelance writers practice a few common sense secrets to make sure they get more done, keep projects lined up, and steadily increase their income.

Member Lands Contract Copywriting Job

Less than a week after finishing the Virtual Business Building Intensive, Cathy Catlin had landed her first copywriting job. And she’s been working with that client ever since.

I Thought I’d Never be Free from the 9-5. Now I Work from Home … On My Own Terms

Working from home on your own terms is possible. Check out the exact steps I took to becoming a freelance copywriter.

Get Your Freelance Business Up and Running in Under 30 Days

Rebecca Matter and a team of experts want to help you get your complete freelance business up and running to attract new clients and paying projects in under 30 days.

Take a Selfie of Your Freelance Website to Attract Web-Copywriting Clients

When potential clients look at your website what impression do they get about you? Make it a professional one to land more web-copywriting clients.

Win BIG by Turning the Tables on Your Clients

Imagine how devastating it would be to stand in front of someone you’ve dreamed for years about writing for … and not having anything interesting to say. That’s why our August issue is all about differentiating yourself: as an individual, as a writer, and in your chosen specialty.

Add Value to Your Client’s Bottom Line — and Yours — with Upsells

When you offer upsells, you’ll add value to your services by helping your client’s marketing efforts perform better. And your own bottom line will grow too.

Tips for Copywriting Success

Juggle all the aspects of your freelance career with confidence and achieve copywriting success.

5 Creative Ways for Saying Thank You to Your Clients

Saying thank you to your clients is more than just polite. It builds relationships and can help keep your clients coming back to you with new projects.

How Many Clients Do You Need for a Good Living?

How many clients do you need to make a good living as a freelance writer? Figure out your target number of clients to reach your income goals.

Your Pricing Projects Solved!

When it comes to negotiating fees, there's no need to guess. Know what you should be earning for each project AND how to take control when talking pricing with clients - with our Simplets Guide to Pricing Copy Projects ... available for $150 discount for a limited time!

Get It in Writing to Ensure Everything Runs Smoothly

A business reality is you can’t please everyone all the time. That’s why it helps to have processes in place to protect your interests. Follow this advice.

Enlist Our Top Pricing Expert as Your Virtual “Marketing Mentor”

Marketing Expert Ilise Benun has been helping freelancers for nearly 30 years. Check out some of the AWAI members she's influenced - and find out how you too can learn from Ilise with her Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects. Get all the details, and sign up today for a discount!

“How Do I Know Your Copywriting Really Works?”

Every feel like you need to prove yourself as a copywriter? Our in-house copywriter Tim Matassa joined an Inside AWAI call where four common "working with clients" scenarios were role-played. Check out his advice on approaching clients with confidence and getting more projects.

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