July 2020

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Flash Sale ⚡ The Easiest Copy You’ll Ever Write

You have until midnight tonight to save $300 on this writing opportunity that will get you on the fast track to living the writer’s life.

Email Expert Jay White: “My Biggest Copywriting Goof”

Email writing has been expert Jay White’s specialty for over a decade. But when he first started as a writer, he made his “biggest mistake ever.” Here’s his advice on how you can do better.

Last Chance: Email Copywriting Mentorship

This is the last opportunity this year to get certified as an AWAI Verified™ Email Copywriting Specialist.

Achieve Your B2B Copywriting Goals by Doing This Every Single Day

Use this software industry technique to hit every one of your B2B copywriting goals this year, without herculean effort. It all starts with optimizing for the starting line rather than the finish line.

New Writer and Don’t Know Where to Start? Do This…

Follow a simple path to make real progress toward your writer’s life. Here are four action steps to get started with the one skill every writer should learn today.

Last Chance to Join the Barefoot Writer Club for $100 Off Membership Fees

There is a world of opportunity if you want to write for a living. Find out the training you need, how to find clients, and more.

Questions Answered About the Email Copywriting Mentorship

I’ve gone ahead and answered some of the most common questions we’ve received so far.

Is Guest Blogging a Good Strategy for Web Writers?

Guest blogging for web writers? Is it a strategy that makes sense? When you guest blog on other people’s platforms, you can accomplish two important goals.

Yes, You CAN Make Money Writing Emails

Every writer should learn to write emails because marketers need a lot of them, and your fees will add up. Discover six ways you can get paid top dollar with this single skill.

The Implications of This Are Staggering

Mark your calendar!

Sidestep the Goals that Make You Fail

The point behind setting goals is to get yourself on a trajectory of success, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Here’s how to set, or not set, goals and still make forward progress.

Your Invitation to the Hidden World of Writing

The world of professional writing is much bigger than you might think. Get all the details in this exclusive club.

Write Emails for a Client and Get Paid $100, $300, $750, even $1,000 for Each One You Write

Writing emails for clients is a way to get paid higher fees while taking less of your time. Some pay as much as $100, $300, $750, even $1,000 for each email you write.

If I Were Starting as a Writer in Today’s World...

You can make a great living as a writer when you start off with short, fun, in-demand projects. Here are five reasons to pick this path to copywriting success.

In Just Three Days Apart, This Awai Member Landed His First Two Paid Writing Projects … …and Gained a Huge Dose of Confidence to Boot

Read on to find out how Bryan’s recent chain of success started with him reaching out to a client who needed help writing emails. You too could become an email-writing specialist and follow in Bryan’s footsteps.

Living the Writers Life: Hayley Michaels

Hayley Michaels spent most of her days working with people in the beauty industry. But she longed for a break from the physical work and an outlet for her creativity, and soon discovered that web content writing fit the bill perfectly. Since then, she’s built a steady career working with clients who need blog articles and online content. Read on for Hayley’s upbeat advice to new writers trying to get started…

ATTN Writers: $95 Today… $497 This Weekend

Here are the 12 different projects you’ll add to your arsenal — and how much you can expect to earn for each.

First Dream It, Then Build Your Writer’s Life

B2B content writing is the ideal market for you to earn a good living. Here is a list of B2B content types and fees, so you can get started on your dreams.

5 Metrics You Should Track for Your Freelance Writing Business

Instead of getting lost in data to track your freelance writing business, focus on these five key performance indicators to keep your finger on the pulse of your small business.

6 Reasons You’ll Find Work You Love in This Fun Writing Market

There’s a lot you cannot control right now, but you CAN enjoy what you do and earn good fees as a copywriter. Marketers are constantly looking for help in this huge industry.

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