December 2021

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Living the Writer's Life: Thomas Blake

Thomas Blake followed a twisty path in life before he landed on B2B copywriting. But today, he’s living his writer’s life while enjoying a newfound hobby of drawing pencil sketches. He even managed to score a free art course in exchange for his blog-writing services. Read below to learn Thomas’ advice for how to avoid burnout and one sneaky trick to make sure you’re always writing in a conversational tone.

Make It Different in the Best Way: 4 Proven Ways to Control Your Future in 2022

Put yourself in charge of your future. Swap a reactive approach to life for an intentional journey toward your writing and lifestyle goals when you follow four simple steps. Make your next year your best and most rewarding year yet.

3 Types of Content Templates You’ll Be Writing for B2B Sales Enablement

A new specialty has emerged for writers, and even beginners can earn up to $5,000 per project. As a sales enablement copywriter, you write the materials that help the sales team sell more. Here are three content projects to start with…

2 Words That Can Bring in New Leads and Writing Clients

Adding two words to his LinkedIn profile led to work in a new, well-paid writing specialty. Hear more about how adding this skill made a Circle of Success member even more successful. Companies need writers more than ever, so you can charge high fees.

Six Writing Projects Worth $1,000 Each

Writing sales enablement copy and content for the B2B market is the fastest path to high-paid writing. Companies need writers to create the materials used by the sales team, giving them the tools they need to engage prospects.

Sales Enablement Copywriting: The New Ground Floor Opportunity?

Writers have a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new opportunity. Sales departments need writers who provide materials and templates that will help salespeople land the sale.

How This AWAI Member’s Love of Video Games Led to a Writing Gig with Loads of Freebies

AWAI Member Marcus Monaghan's initiative helped him get his foot in the door with a dream gaming client, as well as loads of free gaming gifts.

Writing Newsletters Can Bring Easy, Fun, Recurring Revenue

E-newsletters are as effective as ever — and businesses need these ongoing messages to stay top of mind with their current and potential customers. To make a consistent living as a writer, you can start off with these short, fun, steady projects.

The Surprising Benefits of Being an E-newsletter Writer

E-newsletter clients are all around you, and you can make a steady income writing for businesses of all sizes and in any niche. Learn more about how writing these projects can be fun.

How One New Skill Can Lead You to Predictable Writing Income

One simple, easy-to-learn skill can set you up in a writer’s life with predictable, consistent paychecks, and an easy workload. Your inbox holds the key.

Epic Spike in This Writing Project Leads to $2,000 Payouts

Newsletters are going through a great resurgence and have gained in popularity. That’s why you could get paid $1,500 or $2,000 an issue as a newsletter writing specialist.

Newsletters Now: A Booming Specialty for Freelance Writers

When it comes to attracting prospects, winning them over, and maintaining those valued relationships, newsletters are still among the top marketing channels. But businesses need writers to create them — and they’ll pay steady income for each issue.

Living the Writer's Life: Jessica McKay

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Jessica McKay realized it was time to make a change. So, she pulled out her copy of AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. It had been gathering dust on her shelf for the past several years. Within days, Jessica had her first client — a $1,700/month retainer. It was a strong start to an even stronger year, with her top-grossing month coming in at $18,000. Check out the interview below to learn how this former life coach found a way to transform her life through well-paid writing.

2021 Gift Guide for Writers

Treat yourself - or your favorite writer - to a little something from our Gift Guide for Writers to keep the season merry. Here are our top picks for gifts and gadgets to get your hands on this holiday season.

Marketer Spotlight: David Cross, Director of Marketing for CopyPress. WANTED: Content Writers Able to Work on a Variety of Projects for a Diverse International Clientele

AWAI’s executive director, Katie Yeakle, spoke to David Cross, CopyPress’s director of marketing, about an exciting opportunity for content writers.

5-Part Checklist for Building a Money-Making Website

By following a proven formula for making money writing about something she loves, Jen Phillips April was able to experience several benefits from her Money-Making Website. Here’s a five-step checklist so you can get started.

4 Reasons Why I Really, Really Love My Money-Making Websites

Nick Usborne, a pioneer in digital marketing, has one type of writing he loves best of all. Here are four reasons this writing project is his favorite, including the $500,000 he’s made in passive income from it.

7 Direct Response Triggers Companies Use to Get Customers

Each stage of the customer buying journey is a chance to make money because someone has to write all the necessary marketing materials. Copywriters who know how to do so and trigger a response are indispensable to clients — and make big money.

How to Make Money As a Ghostwriter: Insider Tips to Get Started

Get these insider tips on how to become a ghostwriter from a writer with a thriving career helping other people tell their stories.

How to Achieve Copywriting Success as an Introvert

How can an introvert “put themselves out there” to become a copywriter and business owner? Guillermo Rubio used 4 steps that helped him find big success.

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