January 2022

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Last Chance to Grab “Launch” Pricing on the UX Copywriting Training Program and Learn the Secrets of this In-Demand Specialty

As more and more businesses realize the importance of providing a positive user experience, the demand for skilled UX copywriters is growing. You can train with a master UX expert with AWAI’s new UX copywriting self-study program. Here are some of the resources you’ll get…

Why Good UX Is an Integral Part of These 3 Fast-Growing Writing Projects

UX copywriters write copy and content which focuses on user goals and the user experience. Here are three of the fastest-growing writing projects right now… and how UX is a big part of their success.

Watch Now: Is UX Writing the Future of Copywriting?

UX Copywriting is fast becoming a skill every copywriter needs to stay ahead of the competition. But what is it, exactly? And how can you use it in your own writing?

Train to Become an In-Demand UX Writer (with Clients Everywhere You Look)

Companies are giving priority to writers who know how to write copy and content that offers website visitors a great user experience. Be the UX writer they hire and you could be earning up to 50% more for your writing skills.

Monday Morning Jumpstart – Look Back to Get Ahead in 2022

In this Monday Morning Jumpstart with AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, we’re going to tackle goal setting in a way that’s a bit counter-intuitive…

Get AWAI’s Brand-New Self-Study Training Program for UX Copywriters for a Limited Time at a Special “Launch” Price

Every business with a website needs to create a positive experience for the user. That’s where the UX copywriter comes in. Learn all the secrets to writing for this in-demand specialty from AWAI’s new self-study UX copywriting training program.

Writers – Use these 4 Easy Tips for Getting Someone to Make a Purchase (It Starts with Being Helpful!)

Prospective customers are more likely to buy from companies that answer their questions and show they care about the overall user experience (UX). Use these four tips to be a helpful guide in your content and create a memorable UX.

The One Thing You Need to Be a Great UX Copywriter in 2022

Prospective customers now expect a user experience (UX) that anticipates their wants, needs, and desires. One that puts them first. As a UX copywriter, you can do this is in three key ways. Discover more here.

FREE Blueprint: Make $2,500 as a Writer This Month

Make $2,500 as a writer this month by following this free blueprint. It walks you through how to set up your freelance writer’s website, connect with clients, complete the assignments you land, and revise them and get paid. It also shows you how to get access to all the resources you’ll need for just $1.

Congratulations to Our Latest Winner of AWAI’s Site Content Audit Report Challenge — Awarded with $2,000

Pam Foster announces the winner of AWAI’s latest $2,000 Site Content Audit Report Challenge. The winner shared strategies for how she netted a 99.4 score out of 100 on the report, along with feedback after her Certification experience.

How to Contribute to UX as a Writer (and Make a VERY Good Living at the Same Time)

In a good user experience (UX), design and writing work in tandem to guide people (users) through a website or an app in a way that makes it easy for them to accomplish what they want to do. Here is how writers contribute to UX.

Need Freelance Writing Clients? Swipe These 5 Proven Strategies

To build your freelance copywriting business, use these five proven client-getting strategies from successful Circle of Success members. Plus, discover nine bonus client-getting tips you can apply right away.

FINAL NOTICE: Sign Up Today to Train with Legendary Carline Anglade-Cole

Today is your last chance to accept this invitation to train under legendary health copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole. With the help of this million-dollar copywriter, you can be ready to work with clients in the health market in just four weeks. Don’t miss this chance!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Now Open — Five $10,000 Bright Future Scholarships for AWAI Members

To kick off this brand-new year, AWAI is excited to announce the Bright Futures Scholarships program for AWAI members interested in advancing their copywriting careers.

SEVEN Reasons to Break into Writing for the Health Market

Today’s focus on wellness and alternative health treatments… combined with an aging population… mean the health market is exploding with opportunity. Here are seven reasons why writers should jump into this in-demand specialty.

Live Training: Writing for Good

Learn how you can write for good and enjoy more fulfillment and personal satisfaction as a writer. During the free training event, Writing for Good, we’ll teach you what you need to know to make it easier for you to find rewarding and meaningful writing assignments.

Million-Dollar Health Copywriter Taking on New “Copy Cubs” to Start 2022

Top health copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole is taking on new “copy cubs” now. Accept this invitation and she’ll show you how to make it as a copywriter in the booming health market. She’ll even break down every piece of writing a sales letter for a health client. Registration ends January 14 at midnight.

This Could Be Your Biggest Payoff as a Writer

Your greatest payoff in the coming year may be more than financial gain. AWAI Member Keith Trimels has found great success since he decided a few years ago to pursue a career as a copywriter. But Keith discovered there were more benefits in his new life than he expected… and how you might experience writers ripples too.

14 Power-Packed Writing Styles and Techniques To Dramatically Improve Your Writing

Learn the four essential writing styles, then fill your writer's toolbox with advanced writing techniques to engage readers from start to finish.

5 Copywriting Side Hustle Ideas for a Flexible Stream of Income

Wondering if a copywriting side hustle can supplement your income? It can, and here are 5 project ideas to start pitching your first clients.

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