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5 Seconds that Will Change Your Writing Career for Good

Dedicate five seconds of each day to this practice, and you can experience long-lasting benefits for your energy, optimism, and even career success.

3 Proven Ways to Move Forward in Your Copywriting Career

Build momentum in your copywriting career when you follow these three proven, simple steps.

Make Google’s Job Easier: Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed

Nobody will see your blog unless you do a few key things to get your blog noticed. These eight tips will make your blog more easily found by search engines

Press This to Be a More Prolific, Productive, Profitable Writer

Mindy McHorse discovered an easy method to improve productivity and increase profitability. She’s also writing better than ever. She shares her secret now.

Tie Your Book-Writing Goal to a Life Goal and You’ll Explode with the Readiness to Write

If you’ve been telling yourself you’re not ready to write the book inside of you, just follow these two steps and let the story inside of you out.

4 Driving Forces that Will Make You Want to Write Your Book Right Now

Have you always wanted to write a book? You’re not alone! Mindy McHorse outlines four common driving forces and helps you get closer to your goal.

This Trick Will Get Your Brain Working Smarter and Make Writing One of the Easiest Things to Do

You need to focus and have intensity to become a better and more efficient writer. This little trick lets you achieve it all at once.

How to Get Back in the Swing of Writing After a Long Break

After a break from writing to handle one of life’s big events, Mindy McHorse shares how she quickly got her business back into the swing of things.

Why Making Money Writing Should Be Fun (According to Ben Settle…)

Email writer Ben Settle has an enviable lifestyle… He only writes for 10 minutes a day. Yet he’s hugely successful. Read this interview for his secrets.

Build Profitable Habits That Stick

Have you tried the 21-day approach to building habits, only to feel frustrated. Try this “sticky” method of building profitable habits instead.

Five Ways to be More Authentic as a Writer (and Attract More Clients as a Result!)

Don’t fall into the trap of posturing yourself online as better than you are. Instead, tap these five ways to be authentic and still make yourself look good …

Counterintuitive Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time

How can you earn more while working less? Mindy McHorse shares how she’s cut her work time in half, and how you can also get more done in less time.

3 Steps to Creating Your Personal Writing Brand

Discover why branding is so essential to building an authentic, successful writing career, and enjoy these three steps to creating your personal writing brand.

Fight Off “Resistance” with this Proven, Easy-to-Tap Technique

If you haven’t yet met all your writing goals, there’s a proven technique you should look into. It’ll make your writing life better, more enjoyable, and more successful …

The Single Most Effective Way to Survive (and Thrive) Your Early Years as a Writer

If your writing career isn’t yet where you want it to be, consider this easy-to-access technique of building your own fortress of support and watch as it helps you excel.

How, When, and Why You Need an Updated Headshot

Discover why it’s essential to get an updated headshot to market your writing business, and learn tips for making sure the photo you get is as good as possible.

Tips to Overcome Self-Sabotage

Find out what self-sabotage habits plague creative professionals and get tips on overcoming them so you can move forward in your personal and creative goals …

Why Success as a Writer Won’t Ever Mean Perfection

Discover why finding great success as a writer doesn’t mean getting to a point in your career where you’re “perfect.” Learn what it means instead…

How Writing Fiction Makes You a Better Copywriter

Find out why fiction and copywriting are closely related, and how if you want to excel at one if might be worth it to look into the other.

Tune Out Your Lizard Brain for Big-Writing Success

Discover why you should tune out the “lizard” part of your brain if you hope to achieve big writing success, and find out what to do instead.

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