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Niche Yourself Today to Get More Freelance Writing Clients

Having a niche makes getting clients easier, helps you focus your marketing, and earn more money. Make your choice once and for all with Pam Foster’s help.

5 Simple Ways to Prove Your Value to Copywriting Clients

It’s easy to show prospective clients you’re the best writer for the job. Rebecca Matter shares five simple ways you can prove your value and land the work.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This Will Change The Way Clients Hire New Writers

How do you let potential clients know you have the skills they're looking for? Check out this video message from Rebecca about the program that will give you the skills and confidence for your copywriting success. But don't wait too long - availability is limited and so is your chance to save!

When Writing Opportunities Knock, Here’s How to Answer

Marketers posting job listings have an immediate need, and you may be the writer they’re looking for. Follow these tips for responding and land the work.

Member Takes on Ideal New Copywriting Job

After Bootcamp, Judith Culp Pearson was ready to take her career to the next level. Her next copywriting job helped her do just that.

How I Got My First Copywriting Client, and How You Can Too!

Demand for online copywriters is huge. Get started by following these five steps to land a writing project. Plus, learn three bonus tips for success.

Networking Opportunity: No Velvet Rope to Hold You Back

Where some business events may keep presenters separated from attendees, there’s one event where there’s no limit to the networking opportunities.

Good Client Follow Up: The Secret to Landing More Clients

Eighty percent of freelance writers make a critical mistake when it comes to landing clients — they don’t practice good client follow up.

Why Your Business Needs to Repeat. To Repeat.

Your copywriting income can be more predictable when you have work booked for the coming month before the month even begins. Here’s how you find it.

Look for Demand When Looking for Copy Clients

It’s a lot easier and faster to get clients by tapping into a demand that’s already there than by creating something that doesn’t yet exist. Here’s how.

Building Relationships with Clients and Prospects

Building relationships with clients and prospects is one of the easiest and most natural ways to keep business flowing your way. Here are three steps you can follow…

How One New Skill Can Lead You to Predictable Writing Income

One simple skill can set you up in a writer’s life with predictable, consistent paychecks, and an easy workload. Your inbox holds the key.

Email Copy Clients Made Easy: My 20-Minute Method to Consistent Marketing

No need to pound the pavement to land email writing projects. Follow this step-by-step method and spend only 20 minutes a day on your marketing.

How to Land More Writing Assignments from Online Want Ads

Land more email copy gigs from online Want Ads with these three tactics to get a foot in the door quicker. Get the projects without jumping through hoops.

Bringing in Copywriting Jobs Like Clockwork

Check out this system for finding copywriting jobs on freelance sites and landing them consistently.

How to Find the Companies That Need What You Do

Getting clients is a process that starts with learning how to sift through the millions of potential companies and narrow down which need your services.

Use These Two Email Samples to Start Landing Copy Clients

You can use simple emails to land high-paying clients. Ed Gandia reveals which elements your warm prospecting email needs and shares two examples to swipe.

Former Teacher Earns More from Copywriting Jobs

The best type of copywriting jobs are retainer gigs. This AWAI member has two.

No Writing Samples? Here's the Solution...

Having writing samples to show prospective clients can be an obstacle for aspiring copywriters. Steve Slaunwhite shares what to do to land projects anyway.

The Power of Follow Up to Land Copywriting Jobs

AWAI Member lands her first two copywriting jobs from a “lost” client … with a simple email.

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