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  • Important Reminder: Tomorrow’s the deadline for you to lock in the 2007 Charter Member price for our most powerful and comprehensive copywriting learning experience – AWAI’s Circle of Success.

    You can still join Circle of Success – at the original, cheaper price – AND get all the newest perks (an additional $11,000 value over the coming years) as part of the deal … but only until midnight tomorrow. At that time, registration for 2009 will close … and, from then on, the higher 2010 price will be in place.

    Two things:

    1. I strongly encourage you to call Jackie, Barb, or Debbie today at 866-879-2924 or as early in the day tomorrow as possible to discuss payment options. We’re expecting heavy call volume as we get closer to the end-of-day deadline.
    2. Don’t worry about letting us know what you’ve purchased over the past 6 months. We can easily get that total while you’re on the phone. It will automatically be deducted from your COS fee … making it even more of a bargain … whether you’re paying in full or on the monthly payment plan.

    As soon as you become a member of Circle of Success, you’ll get the details on how to easily access all the resources, benefits, and perks you’re entitled to.

    And, if you have any questions about whether or not Circle of Success is for you, read this letter … then call me at 866-879-2924. I understand it’s an important investment in your future so I’ll be happy to help you work through the decision.

    I’m looking forward to welcoming you to Circle of Success.

  • Summarizing Is Death! “In all forms of expression, summarizing is lethal, says Michael Masterson. “But that’s what many copywriters do.

    At the end of a sales letter, they methodically recount all the important points they just made. What happens is that the energy of the copy is dissipated, the blood drained off.

    “A much better approach is to take a single strong element of the sales argument and present it in detail. This has a much greater emotional impact on the reader. And it often conveys some of the rest of the whole – even without talking about it.”

  • All meat. No stuffing. That’s what Dan Kennedy is promising his Look Over Dan’s Shoulder subscribers in his December 3 “Thanksgiving Gift” tele-seminar.

    The topic of the call: How to Beat Controls, Boost Copy Effectiveness & Increase Profits – Case Histories

    Joining Dan on the call will be Adams Hudson, the winner of Dan’s Ultimate Sales Letter Contest. You’ll get the background of Adams’s business, the details of his winning campaign (including BEFORE and AFTERs), and a discussion of the marketing and copywriting lessons it offers. You’ll have access to a website, too … so you’ll be able to see samples of what Dan and Adams are talking about.

    PLUS … and this is big … all copywriters on the call will be invited to submit samples to Adams, and the best submission will earn at least one copywriting assignment. Dan says Adams is “on the hunt for a new/additional freelance copywriter for webwork, ads, and sales letters.”

    If you’re a LOS subscriber, call-in instructions are on page 2 of the November issue. If you’re not yet, you can subscribe here so you don’t miss out.

  • “I guess I can really call myself a copywriter now!” writes COS member Anne Michelsen. “I’ve been writing and consulting for online organic clothing retailer Fashion & Earth since last spring (mostly autoresponders), but they recently asked me to take over their back-end marketing, including their monthly newsletter.”

    “And just yesterday, a client in the natural health & lifestyle sector hired me to develop copy for their website, product packaging, direct mail, etc. I’ll be getting $600 for two pages of copy, plus a $300 research fee. This looks like it will be another long-term steady client if all goes well.

    “Other projects I’ve completed within the last 6 months include ghostwriting a book chapter, editing a home performance report template, and a variety of short articles and blog posts. Oh, yes, and a design project for a friend and fellow AWAI copywriter.

    “Plus, I’ve been very busy writing and designing promotions for my husband’s music store and our new clean energy business, Performance Energy Inc.

    “Thanks AWAI for getting me into this career, and for all the great resources!”

  • Congratulations to Daryl Thompson … from computer programmer analyst to AWAI’s Wall of Fame! Daryl’s income goal for 2009? “At least $100,000.” But the best thing for Daryl about becoming a copywriter? “I now have the freedom to work at home, or at any place in the world, as long as I have a laptop and a high-speed Internet connection. I’ve written from our villa on the tiny island of Contadora, Panama, for example. Also, not having to battle the brutal Houston traffic each day is a huge plus!”

    Daryl offers you two success tips here.

  • The current top 10 direct-response marketing words … according to the DMA:

    • Believe
    • Further
    • Future
    • Imagine
    • Innovate
    • More
    • New
    • Save
    • Together
    • You

    (Hmmm … where’s Free?!)

  • Help your clients keep their new subscribers past Christmas. During the holiday season, lots of people subscribe to new email lists. Their motivation is simple – to get access to coupons and special deals. Research shows that 30% of these subscribers drop off by Valentine’s Day … 50% by summer.

    Opportunity for you: Keep your client’s new subscribers active.

    It’s all about engaging them as quickly as possible – which you, as a copywriter, know how to do. One quick and easy way you can help them: Offer to write an autoresponder series that includes a thank you note, quick tips on using their product(s), requests for reviews, surveys, or even information about making hassle-free returns.

  • “I’m giving away copies as my Christmas gift this year!” That’s what Rebecca Matter had to say about Nick Usborne’s newest book, New Path to Riches,available on Nick explains what he did to turn a simple website about coffee into a $50K-a-year revenue stream, and shows you how you can do the same thing … on any topic you’re interested in.

    “Everyone I know could use a little extra money every month. And while I think everyone should buy Nick’s program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, I know that the $500 price tag is a big investment for many. This book allows them to dip their toe in the water first, before taking the plunge. That way, they can see how easy it really is to write a money-making website (like I did), so the investment won’t feel like a risk.”

    “It was like trying to crank-start an old car. First, only effort with no result. Then lips fluttered and sputtered as the spark of life tried to achieve ignition and then died. This happened several times until finally …”

  • Congratulations to Hugh Andrews … winner of the “What I’m Especially Thankful For This Year” writing challenge. Hugh, your $100 AMEX gift card is on its way to you.

    You can read more of Hugh’s winning essay here.

  • Writing Challenge honorable mentions to Allyson Gierke, Cheryl Ireland, and Mark Henderson. You’ll be receiving first-run copies of Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer’s new book Copy Logic! The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism)

    You can read Allyson’s, Cheryl’s, and Mark’s winning essays here.

    And, a big Thank You for Participating to:

    Ramon Arevalo … Linda Beach … Susan Bosco … Nancy Carey … James Coder … Cyndee Davis … Christopher Dean … Gwen DeCinco … Manuel Escasa … Joan Farino … Debbie Feller … Derrick Fuller … Christina Gillick … Sonja Haggert … Fred Harwood … James Hernandez … Gisila Holl … Karole Hough … Penny Hunt … Mary Johnson … Donna Kaluzniak … Chanthara Kapahi … Jack Kinney … Brian Lunde … Millie Martin … Larry Mekus … Lisa Net … Abdulmalik Ofemile … Nancy Parker … Jeanette Patindol … Wendy Patteet … Barbara Patz … Terri Quinones … Janet Robinson … Peter Rufa … Michelle Sears … Fredrick Sexton … Jimmy Shull … Kathleen Siver … Rick Swartz … Pat Walls … Barbara Weiss … Maryalice Wood

    I enjoyed your essays. Look for a surprise package from me in your mailbox!

  • “I don’t have time to waste.” That’s why Kathryn Wheeler just signed up for Circle of Success. “I want to make the transition from what I’m doing now to being a successful copywriter in as little time as possible. COS seems like the best way to do that.”

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge … What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Given? There’s nothing better than giving a gift that surprises and touches the recipient. That lets him or her know you care about them.

    So tell me … what’s the best gift you’ve ever given? What made it special for you and the person who received it? Tell me about it in a 1,000-word (or less) essay.

    Send your essay to with “The Best Gift” in the subject line. If you send your submission as an attachment, please include your first and last name on the essay … not just the cover note.

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it’s you, you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    All entrants will be recognized and will be sent a special gift for participating.

    Deadline: Dec. 20, 2009

    Look for the winning entry in the Dec. 24th issue of Inside AWAI.

  • “You have to understand your product’s positioning in the marketplace and, more important, your prospect’s perception of how your product rates among your competition.” This good advice is from Ruth Lyons, Marketing Director for The Oxford Club. What Ruth is describing is your product’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) … the features and benefits that differentiate it from your competitors’ products. Reminds Ruth: “This is not your corporate mission statement! It’s your customer’s view of who you are in relation to the other choices they have to get a product/service similar to what you offer.”

  • Dan Kennedy cuts right to the heart of the matter with his original (and copyright-protected) USP question:

    “Why should I, your prospective customer, choose you versus ANY and EVERY other option available to me? (Possibly including doing nothing.)”

    Dan shows us how to get the USP concept “through your client’s thick skull” in this month’s issue of Marketing Your Services – the bonus newsletter that comes with Look Over Dan’s Shoulder.

  • Vegas Web Intensive is sold out! In fact, we’re actually over-sold by 7 spots right now. But Rebecca assures me that she’s working with the speakers and the venue to see what our options are. Yesterday she told me:

    “Due to the intense hands-on training, and guaranteed paid assignment, I need to keep the groups small. But I’m hoping to have a solution by early next week. So far everyone seems available and willing to work with us on it. I’ll keep you posted.”

    As soon as I know more, I’ll update you. But in the meantime, if you were hoping to attend, you can call Member Services at 866-879-2924 and ask them to put you on a waiting list. That way you’ll have first dibs on any spots that become available.

  • “I am convinced … I am confident … I am committed. I am a copywriter!” writes 2009 Bootcamp attendee Jack Kinney. “I’m especially thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Bootcamp. I feel I’ve found a second family, a support system of leaders, knowing and experienced, dedicated to and invested in my success.”

  • “Looking forward to another great Bootcamp next year. I’ll book my flights as soon as the date is announced.” That was COS member Matthew Newman when he heard that COS membership now includes unlimited Bootcamps.

  • And the dates for the 2010 Bootcamp are official: Nov. 3 – 6, 2010.

  • Congratulations to Travel Writer/Photographer Ray Batson! Ray landed a 2-page spread in the December 2009 issue of International Living.

    Ray, an enthusiast of our travel writing and photography programs (and past attendee of both workshops), capitalized on an easy way to turn a vacation into cash by selling a story and photos about an Antarctic cruise he took with his wife.

    Ray says he always keeps a travel journal when he’s away – jotting down notes at the end of each day. It was simply a matter of discovering the tricks for turning material he already had into articles editors would buy. It’s something you can do, too. And, like Ray, get paid to travel. It’s an ideal sideline to copywriting.

    And right now, you can get started as a freelance travel writer and/or photographer quickly and easily. Click here to get everything you need to set yourself up as a professional and start turning your articles and photos into paychecks. Save over 20% if you order before Monday at midnight.

  • ATTN: 2009 Bootcamp Home-Study Program buyers: The entire program is now live on your myAWAI page. It’s all there …

    The hundreds of copywriting secrets from our all-star lineup … the 50+ “live” spec assignments you can tackle right away … industry contact lists with the names of direct-response businesses you can approach for even more assignments … dozens of tips on getting and keeping clients … all the resources and backup materials everyone who attended Bootcamp received before, during, and after the presentations.

    Enjoy! And be sure to let us know about the success this helps you achieve!

    If you haven’t yet gotten access to the Bootcamp Home-Study Program, you still can. Order today and you’ll have access tomorrow. And, of course, like all our resources, full access to the program is included in the Circle of Success membership.

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