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  • We heard you loud and clear … 2010 is the year you want to make your copywriting goals a reality — once and for all!

    And since that’s our goal too … we’ve brought back, for a very limited time, the super savings offer for the Accelerated Program Live Companion Series.

    We applaud the hundreds of AWAI members who grabbed their spot in the program last week during the Charter offer.

    But we don’t want anyone left behind … so we’re opening up the program at the 50% discount price again until tomorrow night at midnight.

    By signing up for this interactive training program,you’ll be making a decision to reaffirm the commitment you made when you first bought the Accelerated Copywriting program: that copywriting is a lifelong skill you want to have.

    Join Rebecca and me as we walk you through the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Not only will you get to see and hear it “come to life” in a very real and powerful way — you’ll be actively participating in the learning process. You’ll be watching the ideas and information unfold before you, in real time. And during each live session, you’ll be able to ask questions as we go along, which we’ll answer at the end of the session.

  • Your one-time registration fee for the Accelerated Program Live Companion Seriesincludes:

    • The 13-week live and interactive training program …
    • A bonus session on applying everything you learn to the Web …
    • Another bonus session on applying everything you learn to the B2B market …
    • Yet another bonus session on getting clients …
    • Additional assignments and exercises not included in the original program …
    • Insights from a growing list of experts who have asked to be part of the live program …
    • Access to a members-only forum to make sure every one of your questions will be answered …
    • Plus more surprises and “extras,” based on your feedback, once we get rolling …
  • Call Debbie or Jacqueline before 5:30 tomorrow at 866-879-2924 or click here before midnight tomorrow to be part of this group of folks working together to achieve their copywriting goals.

  • “Woo hoo! I can’t believe I snuck in under the wire to get one of the last available seats at AWAI’s 2010 Web Copy Intensive in Las Vegas,” Master Copywriter Mark Everett Johnson excitedly told me during a phone call on Tuesday. “I looked over the program closely,” he said. “It’s teaching the exact content my clients ask me for time and again.

    “I’m working with some of the fastest-growing publishers in the U.S., and the info you are presenting is the exact info copywriters must have in order to make their clients happy. I know I will recoup the cost of attending this conference many times over, and very quickly! Thank you!”

  • Before going freelance, Mark was the copy chief for Gene Schwartz at Rodale. If you want to join Mark in Vegas, you may be able to … Two seats have opened up due to last-minute conflicts. So if you wanted to attend and missed out because the event sold out so quickly, here’s your chance.

    Check the flights, and then call Member Services right now at 866-879-2924. First come, first served.

    You can also learn more about the event here.

  • I asked Mark “How’s business?” His response:I’ve been a full-time freelance copywriter for 18 years, never making less than six figures a year. Even so, the recent recession did impact my business. However, I kept attending conferences, placing little ads in industry publications, and doing anything I could to keep my name out there (including going to AWAI’s Bootcamp). Since June 2009, my schedule has been sold out, and I’m turning down work every month in spite of charging my highest fees ever.”

    He went on to say: “The explosion of online media has created a massive need for good copy. The growth in the number of good copywriters has in no way kept up with demand. That means a great deal of copy is being cranked out not by actual copywriters but by editors, marketing managers, and general online content writers. Many of these otherwise talented people simply haven’t been trained in writing sales copy, and some just plain don’t like it.

    “I’ve found that they are relieved to find help.”

  • Mark’s advice for AWAI members: “You just have to keep going and find your niche.”

  • Anyone can become a publicist … so says PR Pro Melanie Rembrandt. And she’s going to prove it on Tues., Feb. 9, during a FREE TELECONFERENCE for AWAI members.

    If you’ve ever considered a career in public relations, or are just looking for a new job opportunity, you won’t want to miss this free call!

    In just one hour, Melanie, author of Secrets of Becoming a Highly Paid Publicist, will explain:

    What the heck public relations is really all about …

    Why public relations is such a hot opportunity right now …

    What you need to learn in order to get started …

    How much money you can make doing it …

    How long it takes to start making real money …

    And much, much more!

    Sign up today … and let Melanie show you how she became a PR pro – and how you can become one too.

  • Writing Is Backbreaking Work! But here’s a tip from AWAI member Sarah Clachar to help you avoid backaches: “We have a small farm, so I spend a lot of time schlepping feedbags, moving wheelbarrow loads of manure, carrying water buckets, etc.

    “But the days when my back is the achiest are the days I spend hunched over my computer, writing nonstop to meet a deadline.

    “Yup, we’re not built to stay seated for hours.

    “But there is a simple solution to this pain that keeps a lot of us up at night …

    “Stand up!

    “It’s a tip I swiped from Steve Heffron at the Healthy Back Institute.

    “Stand up when you’re reading. Just angle your computer screen upwards. And when you’re writing, get up and take a break.

    “Stand up when you’re on the phone. (Bonus: Health supplement copywriter and AWAI member Pam Magnuson says this makes you feel and sound more confident when you’re talking to a client.)

    “And take this a step further: When you stand up, swing your hips … squeeze and relax your butt muscles … go up and down on your toes … do some squats. Wiggle and jiggle a bit.

    “I’ve even put on a weight vest when I’m reading to get a little more muscle flex in.

    “Not only will your back breathe a sigh of relief, you’ll also be burning calories!

  • You can find more health tips from Sarah at, the website she created based on Nick Usborne’s How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website program.

    “I love how Nick’s program allowed me to transform my passion into a viable income!” says Sarah.

    Do you have any health tips you’d like to share with those of us who sit behind a computer most of the day? Send them to me at and I’ll pass them along.

  • Job Opportunties …

    • Florida Retailer Seeks Bilingual Copywriter … A Florida retailer needs a copywriter who can write persuasive and engaging copy in both Spanish and English. You’ll write content for websites, blogs, and press releases in both languages.

      Get the details on this and more copywriting and design opportunities here.

    • AND FOR MEMBERS OF STEVE SLAUNWHITE’S B2B FORUM: Steve has another hot lead for you!

      A small company in Minnesota needs a freelance copywriter to help out with a couple of case studies they’re developing. To qualify, you must:

      1. Have solid interviewing skills. (Remember, to write a case study, you have to interview the client’s customer.)

      2. Have at least one case study in your portfolio.

      If you’re interested and you qualify, let Steve know through his B2B forum and he’ll send you all the details.

      And if you’re not yet taking Steve’s Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy program, sign up today. You’ll get access to this invaluable forum for free, giving you ongoing access to Steve and your fellow B2B copywriters.

  • There’s a feeling out there – that the worst is behind us. You see it in the media. (A recent article in Oprah’s magazine, for example, is titled “100 Things That Are (Actually) Getting Better.”) Companies are reporting that sales are up … people are spending again … and it looks like the sun is finally starting to break through some pretty heavy clouds.

    Here at AWAI, we hear success stories all the time. In many ways, it’s like that big old dark economic cloud moved just south of us.

    Folks who have resolved to make copywriting their career come to find that the work they do pays off – and that there’s a long list of Web companies and traditional mailers willing to pay good money for the services of those who know their stuff. And now they’re living the writer’s life – working at their own pace, when and where they want, and earning the money they deserve.

    Like Steve Roller, who, instead of freezing through another Wisconsin December, spent 17 days vacationing in Nigeria, West Africa with his family. Said Steve, “As I sat in my ‘office’ under the coconut palms and avocado trees, casually writing a few hours a day while I soaked up the sun, it finally dawned on me. This was the ‘writer’s life’ that AWAI first described to me back in 2004!”

    Or like Biba Pearce, who now has more time to spend with her young son. “Becoming a copywriter has made all the difference in the world,” she says.

  • Maybe, like Steve and Biba, your life is better now than it was before you decided to live “the writer’s life.”

    Maybe you were finally able to move to that place you’ve always wanted to live …

    Or spend more time doing fun and adventurous things with your kids …

    Or build that dream home you’ve been wanting …

    What ever it is, please let us know in a quick paragraph or two. Be as specific as you can. A quick note with one (or a few) of the exciting or unique ways your life has changed since you became a copywriter will do.

    We’re going to have some fun with this … publish our own list – 100 Reasons Why the Writer’s Life Rocks!

    So send me a note at and let me know how becoming a writer has made your life better!

    You and your reason will be featured on the list, which will be sent out to the media in addition to your fellow members.

    There’s a reason right there!

  • Special Announcement: One of AWAI’s most successful (and inspired) copywriters is offering to personally mentor you every Monday morning … to unlock the vault on all his best motivational and money-making secrets … to help you get exactly what you want in 2010. Meet him here

  •  Who do you love? Show us your sweet side this month with February’s Photo Challenge theme: Will You Be My Valentine? Find all the details here.

  • Slip a set of our AWAI exclusive Photo Tip Cards into your pocket or camera bag when you go out to shoot and watch your photos improve. They include tips and techniques for just about any lighting situation, from rainy days to bright sunny beaches and everything in between. It’s like having a pro photographer whispering in your ear. Grab a set here.

  • Three tips for building website traffic from AWAI member Heather Robson …

    First, stay current on what’s happening in your industry and gear some of your new content creation to address current trends.

    Second, use new technologies. Don’t just write articles. Offer video, podcasts, blogs, and more.

    Finally, participate in social media and on industry sites. Getting involved will help draw traffic to your site. When visitors see that your site makes it a point to provide relevant commentary on current and emerging trends, you’ll immediately boost the number of people who decide to visit regularly.

  • And a bonus tip … Build traffic with Google’s Image Search. If you do a good job of using images on your website, this feature gives you the opportunity to get seen on Google when people search for images.

    To get a high ranking on Image Search, you have to pay attention to details. First, you need to name your images. Give them accurate and descriptive names that use relevant keywords. And make sure your images are compliant with Google’s requirements. Provide an src that specifies the URL of the image, gives the height and width in pixels, and fills in the alt and title tags. It’s also important for the images you use on each Web page to be relevant to the page topic, and for the page itself to be optimized for keywords that people might search to find the image.

  • “I just wanted to share some news that I’m awfully proud and humbled (at the same time) about! “I’ve been included in a list of the best SEO copywriting blogs – along with Bob Bly & Heather Lloyd-Martin! You can see the list here. I’m still grinning from ear to ear – can you see? :-)” – Gloria Rand, AWAI member since 2008

  • A copywriting lesson from the dance floor … by Guillermo Rubio. “Now that I’ve been freelancing, I’ve had a bit of time to devote to my passion of ballroom dance. And recently, during one of my lessons, I learned something valuable that can help your copywriting career right now.

    “Let me explain …

    “I’ve been learning the waltz with my new teacher (who, incidentally, was a professional on Season 2 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’). Before I had my first lesson with her, I thought I knew how to dance the waltz.

    “But during our lesson, I discovered that there’s a wealth of information – little nuances and details – I had missed, despite all the training I’ve had in the past. And it’s these tiny, below-the-surface nuggets of wisdom that make all the difference. They’re what separate a champion dancer from the rest.

    “Which brings me to you and your copywriting career …

    “If you’re going (or have gone) through the Accelerated Program, how well do you know the material? Many times we think we know something inside-out … when, in reality, we’ve missed small, almost imperceptible, gems along the way.

    “Don’t let that happen to you. Go through the course with a fine-tooth comb. Read it twice, even three times. Take copious notes. You’ll gain a new insight each time that can take your skills to the next level.

    “And if you’re really serious, check out AWAI’s Accelerated Program Live Companion Series.For 13 weeks, Katie and Rebecca will go through the program with you. And you’d better believe they’re going to make sure you don’t miss a thing. By the time you’re done, you’ll have gained a deep, ‘master’s’ level understanding of how to write copy that you can’t get any other way.”

    Call Debbie or Jacqueline before 5:30 tomorrow at 866-879-2924 or click here before midnight tomorrow to be part of this group of folks working together to achieve their copywriting goals.

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