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  • Congratulations to Andrea from Stockton, CA … the first “Fun Things” prize winner in our Commit to Achieve Your Goal in 2010 Giveaway.

    Andrea’s goal for 2010 is to earn $1,500 a month through her website and resume business.

    Her prize? The hottest gaming system around – a Nintendo Wii!!! We hope you enjoy the Wii, Andrea. And we’re looking forward to hearing about your success.

    The next winner (and their prize) will be announced tomorrow at 9:00AM ET. Check AWAI’s website to see if it’s you. (There are still 15 very cool things waiting to be won!) And then check back at the same time every day through the 25th to meet the latest winner and see their “Fun Things” prize.

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  • An Uncomfortable Truth from Dan Kennedy: The path to more clients, more easily obtained clients, better clients, better fees, higher income, and more opportunity is NOT in working on your copywriting. It’s in working on your BUSINESS.

    Exclusively for AWAI members, Dan’s offering a one-time-only, 2 ½ day Business of Copywriting Academy this coming May. Says Dan, “It will be the time and place for you to ‘get over it’ – that is, the self-sabotaging idea that getting better and better and better and better at writing will automatically provide you with better clients, better income, a better life.

    “There is no such automatic link, warranty, or entitlement. It’s just not how business works,” explains Dan. “Nor is there some threshold of copywriting skill that must be met and crossed before you are entitled to good money. Business doesn’t work that way either. There is a complex list – more than 20 reasons – why ‘good enough’ copywriters attract clients like a picnic basket attracts ants … and why they make big money … and only two of those reasons have to do with copywriting skill.”

  • There’s more from Dan below. But right now, I need to let you know that when Dan first announced his Business of Copywriting Academy at Bootcamp last month, 39 people in the room signed up immediately. That means there are only 36 seats available at this point … and we expect them to go quickly. If you’re ready for a whole new approach to your copywriting business … one that includes a fundamental change in the way you think of yourself and your role, and in the way you present yourself to clients, I encourage you to read this letter from Dan now. After you do, if you have any questions about the Academy, you can call me or any of the folks in Member Services at 866-879-2924.

  • “I bet we could dramatically increase the success rate among people who want to earn a big second income with their own website if we did it together … if we promised each other to do it … and helped each other do it.”

    On Tuesday, Nick Usborne floated the idea of getting together a special group of people who will be building their own money-making websites, as a group, beginning January 18.

    The response has been overwhelming … it’s a definite “go.”

    The group will begin January 18. The members will set a schedule and establish goals and waypoints. They’ll keep track of each other’s progress, step by step and stage by stage.

    Nick’s arranging a series of teleconference calls and webinars, where the group will work through the creation of their websites in accordance with their fixed schedule. All the work, plans, and websites will develop at the same rate.

    There will even be a dedicated forum thread, so the group can be there for one another, encourage each other, and be mutually accountable.

    It’s all very exciting – and we’ll be giving you updates on the group’s progress here in Inside AWAI.

    If you purchase a copy of How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites between now and December 16, 2009, you can become part of the group. (That should give you enough time to read the program and understand the process before the Jan. 18 start date.

    If you want to be part of this, please sign up immediately. Nick’s limiting the number of participants to a maximum of 100 people to ensure that everyone gets the feedback they need and no one gets left behind.

  • “Bootcamp ‘09 blew me away with the number of interesting and motivated people I met. Afterward, I and 5 incredible people established a peer group we named LJ MAGIC. We know it won’t be easy, but our team discussed helping each other enough to arrive at Bootcamp ‘10 with a total of over $100K in bookings. Based on the commitment I’ve seen so far, I believe we can exceed our goal. My goal is to produce $40K toward the total.” – Lee from Doylestown, PA

  • Heads up … if you want to attend Bootcamp in 2010 for a VERY special price, don’t miss the Daily Steal on 12/18. Only 15 spots will be sold at this price, so make sure you get to the website early!

  • Reminder: You have only until noon tomorrow to sign up for AWAI’s Virtual Workshop: Breaking Into the B2B Copywriting Market, with B2B master copywriters Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia, and Pete Savage.

    • Why would you consider getting into B2B?
    • There are over 8 million potential clients.
    • There’s surprisingly little competition.
    • The pay is just as good as most consumer copywriting.
    • The copy you’ll write is informative and low-hype.
    • It’s easier to find loyal clients who’ll give you work for years to come.
    • Shorter assignments (many of which can be 1-2 pages).
    • It’s the surest path to earning a six-figure income. (In fact, your very first year you could easily earn $50,000.)

    Writing for the B2B market is an overlooked goldmine … ripe with opportunity for copywriters smart enough to see it.

    It can transform your career … and your life.

    Let Steve, Ed, and Pete show you how starting Monday. Sign up now.

  • The Power of Persuasion = $12,000. A non-copywriter friend of mine just finalized a long and painful divorce. And – as anyone who’s been through that knows – then comes the bill from the lawyer. “Staggering” was the word my friend used to describe it. And since there were some extenuating circumstances in his situation, he felt the bill was excessive. He could have just accepted it as part of the wreckage, but he didn’t. After a crash course in persuasive writing, he wrote a heartfelt letter to his lawyer … making his case. The verdict? A 20% reduction in his bill.

    That’s the power of persuasion … and the power of what you’re learning from AWAI. And, it goes beyond just writing to sell products and services. The persuasion skills you’re mastering can be applied to all aspects of your life. My friend’s a believer now … and has a new sense of confidence in his skills to accomplish big and little goals.

    How about you? Have you used your persuasion skills to save money … help someone you care about … settle a dispute … accomplish something big or little? If so, please tell me about it at

  • From Michael Masterson’s Journal:
    Become a Creative Thinker in 15 Minutes a Day

    Developing the ability to think creatively, as with any other skill, is largely a matter of habit. Practicing daily is the best way to do it.

    Give yourself 15 minutes a day – early in the morning or late at night. The only things you need are a problem to work on, a pad of paper, a pencil, and a quiet place to sit.

    Begin by listing, as rapidly as you can, all the ordinary and obvious possible solutions. Even those you know in your heart won’t succeed. Then draw up a second, shorter, list of more innovative ideas. Try to come up with at least two or three. Finally, select the idea that seems best and list its strengths and weaknesses.

    The entire process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. And if you invest 15 minutes a day in this sort of problem solving, you’ll be amazed at how good you get at it.

  • “These six are not just opportunities, but essential practice for any Web writer,” says new Wall of Fame member Apryl Parcher. She was referring to the 6 Writing Opportunities That Will Make You a Web Writer Today that Rebecca wrote about in last week’s Wealthy Web Writer. If you missed them, here they are again:

    To become a writer, you need to write every day.

    But what to write?

    Really, you can write anything. There are lots of ways to practice your craft.

    But if you’re like me, your time is limited. And you want to write copy that you can actually use in your Web-writing career.

    So here are six opportunities that will not only get you writing, but that will give you practice as a Web writer.

    1. Write your own website. If you’re going to be a Web writer, you’ll need a website. Plan out the pages you’ll need and start writing. Just remember, your prospect is a potential client. So keep your copy focused on what you can do for them!

    2. Optimize your own website. It’s the fastest way to get some practice doing SEO work on a website. Make sure you’re targeting the area where you want to work. For example, if you want to let businesses in your local area know you’re available to optimize their sites – make sure you use your geographic location as a keyword on your own site.

    3. Start a blog. Blogging gives you the opportunity to write every day, as well as to get even more practice with SEO. You can write a blog on Web writing, or you can choose a passion that you have – like hiking, cooking, or conversational French.

      And in addition to writing on your own blog, start following other people’s blogs and make intelligent and helpful comments. You’ll attract the attention of the blog owners and readers alike. If your comments are good, you may even be asked by other blog owners to become a contributor!

    4. Write a special report that you can give away on your website in exchange for a name and email address. The report doesn’t have to be long. Just think about something your potential clients would be interested in learning, and then write up a simple how-to report. Not only will the report give the potential client something of value, it will demonstrate your report-writing ability – something you can easily work into their first project proposal.

    5. Write a series of auto-responder emails that you can send when people sign up. When people give you their name and email address, they’re giving you permission to write to them. Use this opportunity to practice your auto-responder skills by selling your Web-writing services. Test a few variations and see which one generates the most interest.

    6. Become an expert on the social networks. Along with networking, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in any field you choose.

      Maybe you want to write website copy targeting pet owners. Or you want to specialize in writing emails for supplement companies. Just sign up for a free account, connect with people who may be your potential clients, and start writing.

    As a Web writer, you’ll have to write. And these six opportunities not only give you something to write every day, they show potential clients that you can do what you’re pitching them.

    Also essential for web copywriters: Nick Usborne's Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.

    Nick shows you how to dramatically improve any web page, email campaign, or e-newsletter. In four clearly-written sections, he breaks down what it takes to write copy on the web that will drive traffic, grab attention, and yield conversions. That all adds up to bigger success for your client and more money in your pocket. Click here to learn more.

  • Eavesdrop on the Travel Secrets of the Pros. Learn travel secrets designed to help you live wherever you want, travel as often as you please, fund your vacations, and explore the world like a VIP.

    Last July, a panel of seasoned and savvy travel writers, editors, and photographers met for a special three-day workshop where they discussed the tools they use to consistently fund and profit from their vacations. And now – until Dec. 31 – you can get your hands on the audio recordings of that workshop PLUS online access to every resource they handed out.

    Instead of $299, this 2009 Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop-at-Home Package can be yours for just $99 until Dec. 31, 2009.

    Start today, and enjoy 2010 on your own terms! Go here for details.

  • Cyber Monday sales – that’s online sales made on the first Monday after Thanksgiving – set a record this year. Nov. 30, 2009 became the biggest online shopping day in history, with sales increasing 5% over last year’s Cyber Monday figures. Online sales this holiday season are up by 3% overall. This year’s online sales increases are being driven by more people shopping online rather than by bigger purchases. In other words, more shoppers are going online to spend money – which means marketers are sure to be putting more resources toward online campaigns in response – which means BIG opportunity for you.

    Don’t put this off any longer. Learn how to become an in-demand online copywriter for companies big and small. Click here to get started today.

  • 91% of recipients of free email newsletters have opted out … and the reason given by 46% of them? Irrelevance!

    These findings, recently reported in The Newsletter on Newsletters, are from a new study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

    Other findings reported in The N on N:

    “Even when marketers have deeper engagements with customers, as with loyalty clubs and rewards programs, they are often missing the mark in delivering meaningful messages. In fact, only 6% of consumers felt that the promotions received through loyalty club communications were based on preferences or past purchasing behavior. The result of this mixed bag of messages is that marketers are missing the opportunity to drive loyalty and affect purchase intentions. In this regard, 30% of consumers stated they are inspired to do business with a company after receiving personalized communication, the study found.”

    Jay White is living proof that writing the type of emails these consumers want … and that all businesses need … is one of the biggest opportunities of 2010 for you. And, according to Jay, “It’s the easiest way to become a successful copywriter – WITHOUT spending hours and hours struggling over writing sales pages.” Jay’ has a plan and a special deal for you. Check it out here.

  • “So … is this the kind of thing you do?” That was the question posed to Steve Roller from an old acquaintance who found him on Facebook last week. Steve’s friend is a VP of an insurance company … and when he saw that Steve’s a copywriter … he asked Steve if he could help his company re-write their website. Even though Steve hasn’t done much website work … he replied with a quick “sure” … knowing he could get the help he needed from AWAI.

    Steve’s first step: he dove into Pam Foster’s Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits. That gave him everything he needed to outline the project … create his proposal … and land the job.

  • More from Dan on the “Uncomfortable Truths” he feels may be holding you back … “This same uncomfortable truth [mentioned above] exists, incidentally, for most professions: chiropractor, dentist, M.D., financial advisor, you name it. The first quantum breakthrough in status and income is making the mental, emotional, and actual shift from ‘doer of the thing’ to ‘marketer of self.’

    “The second quantum shift is moving from ‘doing work for money’ to designing, developing, and building a business. And by ‘business,’ I mean a process for monetizing your skill-sets, managing client relationships, expanding your range and diversity of income sources, and developing assets.

    “But the most important preliminary fact to grasp is that technical excellence does not automatically bring excellent income. Power – and that’s what clients seeking you out, paying your fees without resistance, status, top income, wealth – power is rarely given in recognition of skill, it is taken by application of business principles. Writers who refuse to learn them, who turn their back on them in favor of the ‘art,’ who will not control and use them, are doomed to forever ‘seek work’ and worry that, this day, it may not come.”

    To read about the other “Uncomfortable Truths” Dan addresses, click here.

    Are you a candidate for AWAI’s Wall of Fame? There are two criteria. (1) You need to have written at least one control. (2) You need to have achieved a goal you set for yourself in your copywriting career.

    If both of those criteria apply to you, fill out this application … and then expect an email from me!

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge … What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Given? There’s nothing better than giving a gift that surprises and touches the recipient … that lets him or her know you care.

    So tell me … what’s the best gift you’ve ever given? What made it special for you and the person who received it? Tell me about it in a 1,000-word (or less) essay. Get the details here.

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