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    • Monday: Your Money-Making Website Training. Here’s a brief preview of what’s in store for you if you’re part of the lucky group that will be creating money-making websites under Nick’s guidance.

      Week 1: Coming up with your idea
      Week 2: Which platform – website vs. blog – is best for you?
      Week 3: Picking your domain name and how to structure your site
      Week 4: Creating content
      Week 5: Building traffic
      Week 6: Monetization!
      Week 7: Site reviews

      Each Monday, for seven weeks, Nick will hold a teleconference or webinar. He’ll spend about 45 minutes walking you through the next phase of creating your website, and then open the line for questions.

      And, in between each session, you’ll have access to a forum where you can continue to get your questions answered as you write your own money-making website. So even if you can’t make the live training, you’ll still be able to participate.

      The only requirement for participating in this first-time-ever training is that you have your copy of Nick’s program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website, prior to Monday’s first training session.

      If you don’t yet have it, we have a special offer for you that’s good through tomorrow at midnight. Order now and save $100 … plus get free access to Nick’s 7 weekly step-by-step training sessions.

    • Wednesday: Meet Jay White, the “go-to” autoresponder copywriter for the billion-dollar Internet marketing niche, in a special teleconference. During the call, Jay is going to talk about one of the biggest opportunities of 2010 … and what he’s found to be the easiest way to become a successful copywriter – WITHOUT spending hours and hours struggling over writing sales pages.

      Sign up now for the FREE January 20th teleconference.

    • Thursday: For Dan Kennedy Business of Copywriting Academy attendees ONLY … Your first pre-academy prep call with Dan is Thursday, January 21st, at 6:00 p.m. Look for call-in instructions from Barb Hume early next week.

  • If you haven’t signed up for Dan’s Academy because you think the opportunity to make ‘Dan Kennedy kind of money’ as a copywriter is very limited, you’ll want to reconsider. According to Dan …

    “If your world-view is of only small accounts, tight-fisted and cheapskate clients, only a small market for professional copywriting, that’s all your problem – but it’s not reality. The person who writes copy that sells has a virtually unlimited market, as every business owner seeks to sell more, sell more efficiently, sell more profitably, acquire more customers, grow, expand.

    “The ratio of copywriters to businesses that can profit from them is a whole lot more favorable than the ratio of Starbucks stores to coffee drinkers!

    “No, not every business is a good prospective client.

    “But there are plenty of good clients to go around.

    “And my Academy empowers you to create demand for yourself from countless good clients who had no interest in a copywriter until you created it.

    “You can make your own market with my methods.”

    Register now by clicking here or calling Debbie or Jackie at 866-879-2924 so you can be part of the live call with Dan on Thursday. And ask them about the convenient payment plan we’ve created for you.

  • Have you seen the new Wealthy Web Writer site yet? BC Evans, one of the founding members, has this to say about it: “The new Wealthy Web Writer is fantastic. I’m totally impressed with what’s there. You folks are putting your money where your mouth is. It’s a terrific resource for somebody like me.”

    And Richard Robinson wrote in after reading a members-only article by Sid Smith on the site, “You gave me the information I wanted to know just a couple of days after I asked the question …

    “That article alone paid for my Platinum membership for at least 4 years … because I won’t have to hire a graphic designer now.

    “I can’t wait to follow your easy-to-understand instructions.

    Wealthy Web Writer is amazing … Never imagined anything so helpful would be available.”

  • As Rebecca told us last week, “Wealthy Web Writer is the first and only membership site 100% devoted to your Web copywriting success. Its mission is simple. To provide you with a solid career roadmap to follow. To give you a place where you have access to the tools and resources you need to be successful. And, equally important, to be a place you can turn to for encouragement, motivation, and inspiration as you move forward in your career.”

    Learn more about it and how you can become a founding member too.

  • From Michael Masterson’s Journal
    What Matters Most in Achieving Your Goals

    A certain person I know has the gift of audacity. There is nothing I can think of that he is afraid to try.

    This trait has allowed him to succeed at a number of endeavors he has no natural talent for. He has learned how to box and wrestle, dance, write marketing copy, and make movies.

    I am much more impressed with him than I am with people who have great natural talents but never push themselves to do more than they can easily do.

    I’ve been watching him over the years, trying to figure out how he does what he does. And the only answer I can come up with is that, when confronted with a challenge, he takes action immediately and continues to plug away at it, even when he is clearly not the fastest horse out of the starting gate.

    His persistent, incremental forward motion eventually wins out. He is the incarnation of the tortoise that outdistances the hare.

    Consistently applied forward motion – not thought, not spirit, not attitude – is the most important factor in success. Today is the best day in your life to get moving.

  • What Do You Want Your Outcome to Be? – Becoming more disciplined and more purposeful are two ways to make sure you accomplish your most important goals. You can learn dozens more strategies for achieving your dreams with Early To Rise’s Epiphany Alliance personal success program. Get the details here.

  • And speaking of goals … We’re re-opening AWAI’s “Commit to Achieve Your Goal in 2010” goal wall.

    If you haven’t yet made this commitment to your future, I strongly encourage you to do it now.

    Let us know what you’re going to accomplish in the next 12 months.

    We’ll do our part to help you make it happen.

    Just click here to add your goal to the goals of close to 1,000 AWAI members who are on their way to making 2010 their breakthrough year!

  • From Billing Systems Specialist to AWAI’s Wall of Fame in just a year … Congratulations to Biba Pearce!

    Biba’s no longer stuck in an 8-to-5 job in an industry in which she had minimal interest, for an average salary, with little time for her son. “Becoming a copywriter has made all the difference in the world,” she says.

    Read more about how Biba made the transition to full-time, work-at-home copywriter here.

  • Job Opportunities …
    Entry-Level opportunity for a copywriter with a sweet tooth. Dylan’s Candy Bar is the largest candy store in the world, and they need you! They’re looking for a copywriter who’s ready to tackle any challenge – from writing product descriptions to creating branding campaigns to producing effective online marketing copy to engaging fans through social media.

    Write catalog and website copy in Salt Lake City. An international consumer products company in Salt Lake City, UT is looking for a seasoned copywriter to create catalog entries and Web pages. You must be a solid researcher, ready to unearth gems that will help better position products. You’ll need strong storytelling skills and good organizational skills.

    Get the details on these and more copywriting and design opportunities!

  • AND FOR MEMBERS OF STEVE SLAUNWHITE’S B2B FORUM: Steve has another hot lead for you!

    A small B2B ad agency is looking for a copywriter for a specific client. This copywriter must: 1. Have some B2B copywriting experience, ideally software related. 2. Have at least some samples of copywriting work available to show. 3. Possess the ability to write compelling copy for direct mail, email, Web pages, and online video. 4. Be available immediately.

    If you’re interested and you qualify, let Steve know through the forum and he’ll send you all the details.

    And, if you’re not yet taking Steve’s Secrets of Writing High Performace B2B Copy program, sign up today. You’ll get access to this invaluable forum for free where you’ll have ongoing access to Steve and your fellow B2B copywriters.

  • Alan McBride was skeptical about making a living off of his travel writing. Then he started writing articles for, including pieces on Christmas Island, Borneo, Kakadu, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Australia. He also went on a two-week, all-inclusive tour to Borneo as a travel writer. Last we heard from him, Alan had just been invited to France to complete a story he pitched the week before. He’s not a full-time writer, yet. But as he told us, his string of successes is “not bad for a non-believer.”

  • The student catching up to the teacher???? Nick Usborne received an email a few days ago with this subject line:

    Subject: One of your student’s websites is now ranked in Google on Page 1 – just below you! Very Exciting!

    The email went on to say:

    “My name is James Ranka and I own an online copywriting company called Writers 31.

    “After reading Copywriting 2.0, I totally re-wrote my website copy and gave it a new, polished look.

    “After only 3 weeks, it’s now listed on Page 1, 3rd position, just below one of your sites. This is huge!

    This should make for one helluva testimonial … whaddya think?!”

    I think he’s right! Not only is James now primed to have clients coming to him through his website, he can “show” rather than “tell” them what he’s able to do as an online copywriter. That’s a double whammy!

    Grab your own copy of Nick’s Copywriting 2.0 today.

  • More from James: “Before I read Nick Usborne’s Copywriting 2.0 – Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy That Converts, my site was lost in Google’s back pages somewhere.

    “Within 4 weeks of making the changes Nick suggested in his program, my website is showing more and more. A total success!

    “I am so pleased with these results, I enrolled in Nick’s How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website training as well.

    “I am an internationally recognized smooth jazz recording artist, and I want to apply what I know about music to my upcoming new website. I truly believe Nick can help me attain ALL of the online goals I am now setting.”

  • The first print run of Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer’s new book, Copy Logic! – The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism) sold out in a week. We’re having more printed, and they should be ready to ship in about 2 weeks.

    This next run will also go on a first-come, first-served basis, so I suggest you reserve your copy ASAP.

  • More on Copy Logic! …
    “As a freelance copywriter for more than 30 years, I occasionally had a ‘problem client.’ That’s the person who isn’t satisfied with your first draft and has you do multiple rewrites – but who isn’t always able to articulate or specify exactly what’s wrong with your copy. Such experiences were time-consuming and frustrating. I wish Copy Logic! had been nearby in those days. The system it outlines helps you pinpoint just about every problem in early drafts of promotions – and even better, shows you how to solve them. It substantially improves your copy and makes it more successful and profitable. But more than that, it simplifies your work and prevents a lot of agonizing disputes and hassles. Who could ask for more?” – Don Hauptman, copywriter; author, The Versatile Freelancer

    “I used Michael and Mike’s Copy Logic! system immediately to help me with a project I’m working on. I looked at some of the examples (of what not to do) in chapters 5-7, and they helped me about 1,000%.” – Jan Schochet, COS Member

  • Good news from AWAI member Mark Dresner. “A few weeks ago, I attended Dan Kennedy’s free teleseminar for his Look Over My Shoulder subscribers.

    “During the call, Adams Hudson (the featured guest) invited listeners to submit copy samples to be considered for future projects. So I accepted his invitation and sent off a couple of B2B letters I’d written.

    “Well, within a week, I received an email from Adams asking me to write a new lead generation letter for one of his products. (Which I’ve completed.)

    “I’m optimistic that there will be more opportunities to work with Adams.

    “Needless to say, I was thrilled to earn this extra ‘bonus’ from my LOS subscription. In fact, this subscription has (literally) paid for itself already!

    “I’ll be at Dan’s Business of Copywriting Academy in May!”

  • Half the spots are already gone … It’s only been a week since Rebecca announced the new Wealthy Web Writer website, and half of the spots that get an exclusive bonus call with Bob Bly and Nick Usborne are already gone.

    So even though deadline for the discounted membership doesn’t end until February 1st, you should sign up today if you want to get in that call.

    Learn more about becoming a founding member of Wealthy Web Writer.

  • New source for driving traffic to your website from AWAI member Heather Robson. “This week, the SEOmozblog shows you a way to increase traffic to your site that you may not have considered. Begin participating on Yahoo! Answers. On Yahoo! Answers, people post questions about a variety of things, and the community provides answers. By regularly answering questions that relate to the content of your website, by providing useful information in response to posted questions, and by including a link to your website as an additional resource, you can increase your targeted traffic and possibly give your bottom line a boost as a result.”

  • And here’s a tip for our photograhers … After beginning the Turn Your Pictures into Cash program, Bill Havle started seeing blank walls. That is, he saw a possible show space for his photos on the walls of his favorite breakfast joint. He asked the owner if he could show his stuff … and not only did he get the best spot in the restaurant to hang his art, but the owner asked him to do his family portraits, too. “Trust me!” he said, “If it can work for me, it can work for anybody! You just have to tell yourself to start.”

  • Do you have a success tip you’d like to share? Send it to me at and you’ll see it printed right here in Inside AWAI.

  • More people than ever shopped online this holiday season, and they were happier to do so, according to Claire Cain Miller in a recent New York Times article.

    Customer satisfaction rose 7%, to 79 out of 100, on the ForeSee E-Retail Satisfaction Index. This is the highest level since the survey began in 2001.

    “Last year, only two sites, and Netflix, were given ‘excellent’ ratings by those surveyed,” according to ForeSee, a research and consulting firm. “This year, those two still ranked at the top, but 11 sites were given excellent ratings, including consumer electronics online retailers Apple and

    “The lowest performers were the websites of Circuit City and Neiman Marcus. Companies that do not satisfy shoppers with their websites risk chipping away at customer loyalty and missing out on new customers. Highly satisfied shoppers are 61% more likely to buy from the retailer again and 70% more likely to recommend the site to friends.”

  • Last week, I told you how Ed Gandia celebrated when he resigned from his “old life” to officially start his “writer’s life.” And I asked you … How will you celebrate when it’s your time?

    Kathleen Fuller celebrated a little quicker than she’d planned. I just got this note from her last night:

    “Since summertime I’ve been standing at the threshold, putting on my coat and gloves so to speak, waiting for the right time to venture into the writer’s life. Then last Wednesday, all of a sudden I got shoved through that door.

    “Two days after a discussion with my employers that the mold in their building was making me sick, my boss called me and said, ‘This is your layoff call.’

    “Shock is an inadequate word to describe my reaction. I had been secretly hoping they would lay me off so I could begin my new career without jeopardizing my household. Still, the position I held in the company made it seem impossible. But since they can’t afford to renovate the building just yet, they saw laying me off as the only reasonable decision. Surpise!

    “The event was so unexpected that my husband and I celebrated by eating the dinner I had already prepared. Then he went off to work on a sleep study that had been scheduled weeks earlier.

    “Although it doesn’t sound very exciting, all of this couldn’t have been timed better if I had planned it. With Randy gone all night at the sleep center, I was able to spend the whole evening until 1:30 a.m. working on several Web pages, forms, an autoresponder series of 7 messages, and setting up a PayPal account. You see, on Tuesday morning I sent out 150 sales letters for a syndicated newsletter I am creating, and some businesses were going to start receiving the letter Thursday morning. Sure enough – I received my first response around 11:30 a.m.

    “Boy, am I glad I stayed up so late getting things in place. As of today, I have my first paid subscriber. I’m so happy I’m about ready to jump out of my skin.

    “To everyone at AWAI, thanks for all the help and encouragement. I have already made money for my first copywriting client – me.”

    P.S. My husband and I plan to officially celebrate my sudden career change and our 19th wedding anniversary by going to Daytona Beach and Tampa this weekend. I sure hope it’s warmer down there than it is here in Pensacola!

  • PRODUCT CLOSEOUT … Special Announcement from Lori Allen, AWAI’s Travel Division Director: Our fulfillment house is closing its doors on March 1. We need to clear the shelves fast. So we’re dropping the price dramatically – more than 50% – on these programs for immediate shipment:

    Turn Your Pictures Into Cash

    The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program

    Breaking Into In-Flight Magazines: Secrets, Tips, and Tactics to Quickly and Easily Crack One of the Industry’s Most Lucrative (and Glamorous) Markets

  • REMINDER: Sunday, January 24th is the deadline for AWAI’s latest Writing Challenge: What Does the Writer’s Life Mean to You in 2010? Get the details here.

  • Note to Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Members from Rebecca Matter: As you can already see, we’re making sure everything you need is being added to the website regularly. But there were three things posted this week that I want to make sure you don’t miss. Remember, this is all free with your membership!

    • Webinar: Optimize and Let Potential Clients Find You Online

      You already know it’s important to have a website for your freelance web writing business. But did you know it’s important to optimize it for the search engines?

      Today SEO Copywriting Pioneer Heather Lloyd-Martin is going to show you why and how to do it, along with reviewing real examples during the event.

    • Article: How Do I Create My Own Starter Website?

      Thinking about creating your own website? Creating your own starter website is easier than you might think, and all it takes is three simple steps to get a quality site up and running in a week.

    • 3-Minute Guru: Using Viddler to Keep Videos Private

      If you haven’t yet checked this section out, I recommend you take a peek. Here you’ll find our “3-Minute Guru Videos” – short snippets of tricks, ideas, and tools you can use to make your life easier and your day more rewarding.

      In this video, our 3-Minute Guru shows you how to keep a video private for website subscribers, or until the person fills out your squeeze page. If you’re doing any video marketing for your clients or yourself, you won’t want to miss this one!

    And if you have any requests for training, articles, and how-to videos, remember you can submit them through the site at any time. This is YOUR website!

    [Not yet a member? Learn how you can join now and become one of Wealthy Web Writer’s founding members.]

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