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Consumer Reports is desperate for you … 75 spec opportunities, including one from Brian Tracy … Need help choosing your business name? … How to meet 50 potential prospects for breakfast …

  • A $3,000 research assignment from Michael Masterson turned into a $10,000+ assignment for one new Internet Research Specialist. Michael explains how it happened (and why it's not that unusual!) in his essay " How to Enjoy the Writer's Life Even If You Can't Write Like a Professional."

    Michael's using Internet Research Specialists for just about all his writing now … including that essay. He says:

  • "I finished the first draft of the essay in 90 minutes (as opposed to several hours) by writing out the draft and leaving X's where I needed facts and figures to support my argument. I sent it – as is – to my editor Jason, who contacted one of the AWAI-trained Internet Research Specialists he has on his list. That person finished the job … filling in the X's … within 24 hours, and earned about $75 an hour for his efforts."

    And, I happen to know, that one assignment has already led to more assignments for the researcher.

    If being an Internet Research Specialist appeals to you, now is the time to get started. As Michael points out:

    1. There is already a market for Internet Research Specialists.
    2. It's likely to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.
    3. By getting in now, you can start making $50 an hour.
    4. As your skills improve, you can easily be making $100 or more in no time.

    And we're making it easy for you to get started right now. AWAI's Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist gives you everything you need to grow a successful Internet research business.

    Order before midnight tomorrow and you can claim a $50 savings!

    Plus, Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist is one of our "living programs," so anything we add to it in the future will be yours as well … like this bonus we just added – a customizable white paper you can use to promote your services to authors. It's titled "Writers: How to Write Faster, Better, and Make More Money While You Do."

    It shows writers why their smartest decision is to pay you to do their research for them. You can customize the white paper and offer it as a download when potential clients visit your website. (You can send it to them in other ways, too.) To have a copywriter create this marketing tool for you could easily cost $1,000 or more – but it's yours free as a program update.

    More Internet Research Specialists wanted …

  • At the DMA conference last week, Stacey Newton from Consumer Reports told us:

    "We want new copywriters and designers … and we're in desperate need of fact checkers."

    Doing fact checking for what is arguably the world's leading independent consumer information source would be a pretty cool way to use your Internet Research Specialist skills!

    And six-figure copywriter Sean McCool sent me this note on Monday:

  • "As you know, I'm excited about coming to Bootcamp again.

    "But what you may not realize is one of my main motivations for coming this year …

    "I'm going to be looking for a few good researchers to talk to about helping me out with my growing workload.

    "So, if any researchers are on the fence about Bootcamp and ask you whether or not they should come, tell them yes and to find me when they get there."

    And we're doing our part to let potential clients know about AWAI-trained copywriters and researchers. Take a look at this ad that's running in the current issue of Direct Marketing News:

    So don't wait to jump on this exciting opportunity to become an Internet Research Specialist. It's exciting because it's brand-new and growing fast, which means the barriers to entering it are very small and the rewards are still very great.

    Get started today … launch your own Internet Research business for less than $200.

  • Next Tuesday!
    Bob Bly reveals his secrets for freelance copywriting success in the 21st century! Bob has had a steady stream of copywriting assignments for nearly 3 decades. He "wrote the book" on getting copywriting clients,and during an exclusive Wealthy Web Writer teleseminar next Tuesday, Bob will share his answers to important questions like these:

    • Does direct mail still work for getting copywriting clients?
    • What effect (if any) will the recession have on your business?
    • Can social media really increase your Web traffic?
    • How do you set your prices?
    • How do you bid for a copywriting project in a competitive situation?
    • Should you charge an added fee for handling rush jobs?
    • How can you design your website so it makes clients want to hire you?
    • And more …

    And if you're a Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Member or an attendee of the Build Your Website in Four Days Webinar Series … you get it FREE!

    Get all the details here.

  • Job Opportunities
    Pier 1 Imports … TripAdvisor … Target … Walt Disney
    are all looking for copywriters right now. Learn more about these positions at!

    And this just in …

    Brian Tracy International, the world's leader on personal and business success, is offering a spec assignment through this year's Job Fair.

    They're looking for a copywriter to write high-converting sales letters and emails. Someone who can strategize with their marketing team to find the hook for each program and execute an effective, but not over-the-top, sales letter, while maintaining Brian Tracy's voice consistently throughout the letter.

    They're coming to the right place! So are these companies …

  • Job Fair update. 54 companies, 75+ opportunities for AWAI-trained copywriters. Here's the breakdown of companies by niche:

    B2B: 4
    Biz Opp: 6
    Financial: 13
    Fundraising: 12
    Health: 11
    Lifestyle: 3
    Self-Help: 5

    It's going to be the biggest Job Fair yet, with the most opportunities for you.

    NOTE: Even if you aren't attending Bootcamp this year, you can get access to these spec opportunities through the 2010 Bootcamp FastTrack to Success Home Study program. You'll get every presentation, every tip, every secret, every selling strategy revealed at Bootcamp – all bundled up with all the relevant handouts, guides, examples, and backup material … and easily accessible in a complete, concise, "learn at your own pace" package.

    Plus, you'll get a special link to a "Job Fair Page" – where you get to see all the marketers who were at the Bootcamp Job Fair looking to hire the next up-and-coming copywriter. You'll be able click on, download, and submit spec assignments offered to Bootcamp attendees.

    Reserve your 2010 Bootcamp FastTrack to Success Home Study program now … at the "pre-Bootcamp-kickoff" discount of 50% off.

  • Members helping members
    How to meet 50 qualified prospects for breakfast.
    Steve Roller wrote me this week about an unusual (and free) way to promote your copywriting business. As Steve explains:

    "Most medium to large cities have a number of social media business groups whose members meet bi-weekly or monthly. The groups usually include a number of self-employed professionals who network with each other and discuss ways to incorporate social media into their businesses.

    "One such group, Social Media Breakfast Madison (they have chapters in cities all over the U.S.) invited me to be their featured speaker in October. I knew the co-manager of this local group, and she told me that while most members were very adept at using social media, they didn't know much about copywriting at all.

    "As social media expert Jason Falls said, 'It's not about how many followers we have on Twitter, how many friends we have on Facebook, or how many people comment on our blogs. The end game is: Did we sell more stuff?'

    "In a 45-minute presentation, I was able to show 50 members of Social Media Breakfast how they can use copywriting principles to sell more of their products or services. It generated a lot of buzz, and I anticipate getting some future copywriting projects from it.

    "These groups are always looking for an expert speaker. (And, yes, if you've gone through the Accelerated Program, you can offer expert advice!) Just Google 'Social Media Breakfast' and the name of your city, or just 'social media group' and the name of your city to find these groups. Email the group leader, tell them what you could offer, and start the conversation. You might easily find yourself in a roomful of hungry copywriting prospects, hanging on your every word."

  • "Mindy, thanks for the terrific article about domain selecting. I've been muddling around with the topic for some time now, but your suggestions got me to finally make a firm choice. Thanks for dissecting the choices so clearly," wrote Wealthy Web Writer Member Elizabeth Strand.

    Choosing your business name may be the easiest thing you ever do … or it may keep you up at night, worrying for weeks on end. In a recent Wealthy Web Writer Reality Blog post, Mindy Tyson-McHorse rounds up several examples of website and business names for you to look at. Take a peek and read her top two rules for choosing a name.

  • If it works for JetBlue, it can work for you. JetBlue switched ad agencies, and decided to forgo the smiley, happy businesspeople that show up in most airline ads. Instead, the ads focus on what JetBlue calls "emotional differentiation."

    They're hitting at the core of what people hate about airline travel: baggage fees, cramped seating, multiple-stop trips, and the lack of free food.

    The YouTube video ads (the campaign will also feature print, online, mobile and outdoor ads) use real people with raw emotions to rip on the competition and show how JetBlue is different.

    It's an offbeat, humorous approach with a human side. The lesson for copywriters? You can emulate JetBlue's advertising intent for your clients or your own self-promotion efforts:

    1. Connect with your audience at a deeper emotional level. Find out what really irks your prospects (that they won't necessarily come out and tell you), and incorporate it into your copy.
    2. Speak in an authentic, natural voice that fits the situation. JetBlue nails this. Check out "Cab Jam" or "Taken for a ride – girl" at YouTube.
    3. Focus on one idea at a time. JetBlue accomplishes this with 16 different YouTube videos. (See them all at the JetBlue Airways channel on YouTube.) You've heard Michael Masterson expound on this idea as "The Power of One," which means that each piece of copy should have one good idea, one core emotion, one captivating story, one desirable benefit, and one inevitable response.

    In the first five days, just three of these ads got a total of over 75,000 views. Look for them, and try to use "emotional differentiation" in your next copy project.

    And if you still need to book a last-minute flight to Bootcamp, consider JetBlue. (The first checked bag is free, and so are the snacks!)

  • AWAI Writing Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

    We all have them – those little rewards that help get us through a busy day or a crazy week.

    It could be as simple as a pint of Häagen-Dazs amaretto almond crunch before bed. Or poring through the National Enquirer with your feet up for 15 minutes before the kids get home from school.

    If you've been really good, perhaps cutting out on a Wednesday afternoon to play the back nine at your favorite course. Or sneaking outside to enjoy a good cigar. Maybe hitting the local spa for a fancy pedicure.

    So how do you unwind? What do you do to relax (that others don't necessarily know about)? Has it become a routine, something you look forward to that keeps you going?

    Send your 1,000-word (or less) essay to me with "My Guilty Pleasure" in the subject line to

    Your secret will be out, but you'll have a chance to win a $100 American Express gift card …

    Deadline: October 31, 2010

    Look for the winning entry in the Nov. 11 issue of Inside AWAI.

  • Live the Writer's Life Giveaway. Simply tell us what The Writer's Life means to you, and you'll be entered to win some fabulous prizes!

    Prizes Include:

    Apple iPad (a $500 value)
    $300 American Express Gift Card
    Netbook (a $300 value)
    Premium Website Package (a $500 value)
    AWAI Master Copywriting Package (a $2,000 value)
    Wealthy Web Writer's Complete Web Package (a $2,500 value)

    Click here for all the details!

  • Here are a few of the entries so far …

    William writes, "For me, living The Writer's Life means having a skill that is needed by 95% of all businesses in America. Most people start a new business with no idea how to market to prospects, write info on a website, or design a customer loyalty program.

    "As an AWAI-trained copywriter, I'm in a unique position to offer more than just the ability to write a sales letter. The Writer's Life for me is finding clients I want to work with, working independently, and earning a good living."

    John Wiggill says, "I spent 15 years preparing for the day that I could call myself a writer. Now, thanks to AWAI – I'm a marketing copywriter, a professional resume writer, a blossoming travel writer, and I just finished my first short story for publication, titled 'Let's Roll.' The Writer's Life is more than I ever dreamed of. A life without limits."

    For Lisa Smillie, living The Writer's Life means " when friends complain about their commutes, their bosses, their co-workers, their lack of free time and control over their lives, their finances and the time they can spend with their kids, I don't have anything to contribute to the conversation, except to tell them about AWAI. "

    And for Pam Foster, living The Writer's Life means " getting that call when your well-thought-out proposal has been accepted … and you were selected as the 'best fit' among 4 writers being considered. Now you'll be working with a new client of your dreams, making close to $30,000 JUST FOR STARTERS! (This happened to me just today.)"

    Read all the entries … and include your own for your chance to win prizes here.

    And, some parting words from someone who choose "The Writer's Life" …

  • "By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day."

    Robert Frost, American poet and winner of four Pulitzer Prizes, drifted through a string of jobs after dropping out of Dartmouth and then Harvard. He worked as a teacher, cobbler, and editor of the Lawrence, Massachusetts Sentinel. In 1912, after his New Hampshire farm failed, he and his wife moved to England.

    Frost wasn't exactly climbing the career ladder.

    Only three years later, however, he returned to the States with two full-length collections of published poems, and his reputation was established. By the 1920s, he was the most celebrated poet in America, and with each book published thereafter, his fame grew.

    Some attribute his success to his ability to write about universal themes and his adherence to language as it is actually spoken. Frost understood the common man.

    The poet Daniel Hoffman said of Frost, "He became a national celebrity … and a great performer in the tradition of that earlier literary master of the literary vernacular, Mark Twain."

    Of course, if you had asked Frost what his success was due to, he might have just directed you to one of his poems:

    "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -

    I took the one less traveled by,

    And that has made all the difference."

    It may not be as safe, but the less traveled road to The Writer's Life could make all the difference for you, too.

    Have a great week!

  • W hat's happening at AWAI the week of Oct. 18 – 22, 2010

    Topic: Money Making Websites – Session 7

    Join Nick Usborne for the last of this 7-part webinar series as he walks you through the process of building your own money-making website.

    Today: Site Reviews -your chance to get feedback about your website.

    Participants: Money Making Website members only
    Date: Monday, Oct. 25, 2010
    Time: 3:00PM (ET)
    Topic: Secrets for Freelance Copywriting Success in the 21st Century – teleconference

    Bob Bly has had a steady stream of copywriting assignments for nearly 3 decades. In fact, he "wrote the book" on getting copywriting clients. In this teleconference, Bob shares his secrets.

    Participants: Wealthy Web Writer members only
    Date: Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010
    Time: 3:00PM (ET)
    Topic: Accelerated Program Live Companion Series – Session 12

    Analysis of a Control

    Join Katie & Rebecca and their special guest as you take a look at a current control – and learn from this master copywriter how to make these same techniques work for you.

    Participants: Companion Series members only
    Date: Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010
    Time: 3:00PM (ET)

    Note: Access information about all of our events can be found on the AWAI Google Calendar:

As Executive Director of AWAI, Katie Yeakle has been helping people live the writer’s life since 1997.

“AWAI is built on a big promise … that we can teach you a new skill that can lead to increased income … independence from the 9-to-5 grind … and the freedom to live and work where you choose.

“All of us at AWAI stand behind that promise. In fact, that’s how we measure our success – by how many people we help reinvent their lives.

“Follow our proven advice, and you can be among the many successes we’re so proud of.”